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True Classic Men’s Jeans

Pants. Ever heard of ‘em? Turns out, they go on your legs. We also happen to make a few of the jean variety. Luckily, they work just like most of the pants you may have worn in the past. The concept is simple—shove your ham hocks into the leg sleeves and then head out into the world.

Look, we’re not big on things like fur-lined cuffs or detailed butt embroidery. But we are crazy about making a good pair of pants. Our comfort jeans are made with premium materials that keep you comfy and cozy.

Check out the specs on these bad boys:

  • Ultra Soft 4-way Stretch Materials (54% Rayon/24% Cotton/20% Polyester/2% Spandex)
    • This fabric combo gives you all-day comfort. Wear them around the house, or all around town. Hell, with that 2% spandex, you could even rock them at hot yoga – if that’s your thing.
  • Standard 33 inch inseam
    • If you’re a short king, give ‘em a cuff (or if you’re a fancy-pants, take ‘em to a tailor). And if you’re a tallboy and a 33” inseam works for you as-is—well, la-di-da. Good job with that body-growing thing.
  • Premium Fitted
    • Our jeans have a slim fit and tapered leg opening. You’re sure to look stylish and modern every time you throw them on.
  • Five pockets
    • Because six pockets just seemed like overkill. Gimme a break; you’re really going to use six pockets? Trust us, five is best.
That’s the story. We’ve got jeans. You need jeans. We’ve got the jeans you need. Grab a pair.

Recommend Care

Our jeans are so comfy you’ll never want to take them off, but it’s bound to happen eventually—you’ll need to clean them. The process is pretty standard stuff. Washing machines work great, but keep it cold and leave out the bleach. (We’re not about to make that whole “acid wash” mistake again.) And because shrinkage is something you ALWAYS want to avoid, make sure to tumble dry on the lowest heat setting. Do you iron your jeans? We don’t judge; just remember to use a cool iron. Dry cleaning is fine too.

Finish The Look—How To Style Your Look With Jeans

The good thing about jeans is they pretty much go with anything. Whether you’re rocking a hoodie or a button down, a henley or a raglan, you’ll look like a badass with these jeans on your bad…bottom half. Top things off with a ball cap or a beanie, and you’re good to go. So add a little extra pep in your step and a roll in your stroll—get out there in some True Classic jeans and make us proud.