Long Sleeve T-Shirts

It's NOT just a t-shirt. Our premium tees are designed for guys’ bodies. They accentuate the arms & shoulders to make you stand out and feel great. They're also super soft, wash well and reasonably priced.
  • Perfectly Fitted
  • Butter Soft
  • Washes Well
  • Low Price
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Your search for the perfect men’s slim fit long sleeve t-shirt is over. True Classic has almost every color and size stocked so you can shop the best long sleeve shirts for men at fair prices. And, if you’re looking for a long sleeve tee for every occasion, our long sleeve crew core 3-pack is just what you need.

Our long sleeve tees are crafted with a classic side seam for the ultimate look and fit. It’s one of the only men’s long sleeve t-shirts you’ll find that’s affordable, made with 4.3 oz. butter soft fabric, and fitted in all the right places.

At True Classic, we carry a classic crew neck long sleeve for a rounded lining around the neck and a man’s go-to, the long sleeve Henley. While plenty of guys go with the staple white long sleeve or gray, there’s just something bold about wearing a dark green or red long sleeve. For a more relaxed look, start with light or navy blue.

The easiest way to figure out if a shirt fits is how it feels. If it sits comfortably around your body (specifically your neck and arms), then you’re golden. But if it’s too tight or too loose, that’s a no-go. Try True Classic’s “Find My Fit” calculator to get a read on your ideal shirt size.

Avoid long sleeve shirts that don’t match your proportions. An ill-fitting shirt is an uncomfortable shirt. And when something is uncomfortable, you won’t wear it. When you shop, look for a fit finder to identify which fit and size are best.

As soon as it cools off outside, it’s time to bust out the long sleeve tee. Grab your favorite long sleeve shirt, -- you can’t go wrong with our mens black long sleeve t-shirt-- some tailored joggers, and a zip-up hoodie for the perfect cold-weather style. Extra points for layering your long sleeve tee under a short sleeve shirt!