What to Wear With a Black T-Shirt: Outfit Ideas

What to Wear With a Black T-Shirt: Outfit Ideas

Without question, a basic black t-shirt is one of the most essential components of a man’s wardrobe. Trends have come and gone, but what has always remained is the importance of black t-shirts thanks to their versatility. They easily add another dimension to a man’s look if done right, and after reading this guide, every man can successfully incorporate a black t-shirt for just about any occasion.


Start With The Right Black T-Shirt

Black t-shirts can be worn on their own, of course, but more often than not, black t-shirts are used as the base and layered under vests and jackets for casual occasions. When and how to wear a black t-shirt remains an art form, and this is where our tips and guidelines come into play.


Black T-Shirt Fits

The defining factor when it comes to t-shirt design is all about the neck, and there are a few that most men are familiar with: crew neck, V-neck, Henley, and tank top.


Crew Neck


A black crew neck tee is a type of shirt that features a rounded neckline and no collar, often coupled with other layers depending on the season. The t-shirt crew neck dates back to the 1930s and was developed as an undergarment to absorb sweat, getting its name from row teams during the era. 



A black V-neck is considered slightly less formal than a crew collar, but visually they are more interesting and stylish than a standard t-shirt. The intent of the V-neck design is so that the fabric is not visible while wearing a shirt over it. 



A Henley t-shirt is basically a collarless pullover shirt featuring a rounded neckline with a placet approximately 3 to 5 inches long (8 to 13cm) and between 2 to 5 buttons. In layman's terms, a black Henley t-shirt is the lovechild of a crew neck and V-neck, and in some circles considered more stylish than other t-shirt variations.  


Tank Top

A black tank top is a collarless, sleeveless, typically form-fitting garment that features wide straps and is often worn as an undershirt. Named after tank suits worn in swimming pools during the 1920s, they are also known as singlets, vests, muscle shirts, wife beaters, and A-shirts.


Black T-Shirt Outfit Combinations

The great thing about a black t-shirt is that black goes with all colors, but there are many black t-shirt outfit combinations to consider to create a winning look.


How to Wear a Black T-Shirt With Jeans

A black t-shirt with jeans is an instant classic, and there are many variations of jeans out there to create a winning look for your singular style.


Black T-Shirt With Skinny Jeans

Pairing a black t-shirt with skinny jeans is a great look for a casual occasion. With a tapered cut and fitted jeans, men are able to create a sleeker silhouette that eliminates a bulky appearance. For an upscale casual event, a black t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans is just the right combination of style and dimension.


Black T-Shirt With Distressed Jeans

A black t-shirt with distressed jeans is a look that works for any season, and let’s face it – they are made for one another. Rock out with your favorite ripped jeans and a fitted black t-shirt and you are casually winning in a laidback, relaxed way.


Black T-Shirt With Relaxed Jeans

For a stylish, yet understated casual look, a black t-shirt with relaxed jeans is a staple that just about any man can pull off. With relaxed jeans, opt for either a regular or baggier fit that suits your physique and your own sense of style.



How to Wear a Black T-Shirt With a Jacket

A black t-shirt was seemingly destined to be paired with a jacket, and with so many options out there, there is a combination suitable for every type of jacket!


Black T-Shirt With a Leather Jacket

Considered one of the most iconic looks in menswear as well as the coolest, pairing a black t-shirt with a leather jacket is a simple look that is bad-ass in approach and style. Choose a more fitted black t-shirt and you’re good to go.


Black T-Shirt With a Denim Jacket

The casual look of a black t-shirt with a denim jacket is undeniable and is a simple, yet stylish way that men can take a look to the next level. A crew neck or Henley t-shirt are great options to pair with a denim jacket of any hue for understated style.

Black T-Shirt With a Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are an excellent choice for the fall or winter seasons, and when combined with a simple black t-shirt, men can achieve the ultimate casual outfit. This is a great style that evokes a younger, more fashion- forward aesthetic that is impossible to ignore.


How to Wear a Black T-Shirt With Loungewear

Loungewear and athleisure wear have exploded in recent years, with more men embracing the style into their wardrobes. Pairing a black t-shirt with loungewear is an easy way to add a bit of dimension to this casual look and accessible to men of any size.


Black T-Shirt With Joggers

With joggers being more form-fitting and designed for the active man, it is a no-brainer to add a black t-shirt with joggers for a clean look that is perfect for casualwear. Depending on your preference, a crew neck or V-neck are great black t-shirts to pair with joggers for a great outfit.


Black T-Shirt With Sweat Shorts

Sweat shorts offer a generally more relaxed fit for additional comfort, so combining them with a black t-shirt is a simple, easy way to slide into athleisure wear and look great while doing so. For more fitted sweat shorts, a slim-fit crew neck or V-neck t-shirt is perfect for a slimmer physique.


Black T-Shirt With Track Pants

Track pants have always been designed for the perfect combination of cool and comfort, so pairing them with a fitted black t-shirt is the quickest way to a casual, smart look. No matter what color or design your track pants are, combining them with a crisp, black t-shirt makes for a great look for the day or weekend.



How to Wear a Black T-Shirt With Dress Clothes

Wearing a black t-shirt with dress clothes is an understated approach that can truly elevate your style in a very subtle yet significant way. There are several avenues to produce this effect.


Black T-Shirt With Suit

The casual option of wearing a suit involves a black t-shirt that gives off a young, upwardly mobile aesthetic. For men that are confident enough for this style, opt for a fitted V-neck t-shirt that produces a winning combination suitable for an evening look.


Black T-Shirt With Blazer

Looking for a sophisticated casual approach that is still fashion- forward? Pairing a black t-shirt with a blazer is a great look that works for men of any age or size. Opt for a slim- fit crew neck or V-neck black t-shirt that will work for any style or cut of blazer for an informal event.

Black T-Shirt With Trousers

The combination of a black t-shirt with trousers is one of the most classic looks in menswear and has been so for generations. Pairing a pair of fitted chinos with a black t-shirt is a look that works for just about any occasion and any season to great effect.

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