9 of the Best Sunglasses for Men with Small Shaped Faces

9 of the Best Sunglasses for Men with Small Shaped Faces

It can be a challenge to come across smaller framed glasses when the current fade is wider framed and weightier, but we’ve got you covered! There are numerous options available right now, and I want to highlight them to help make your fashion search just a little bit easier.

The Hamptons // Browline Golden Sunglasses

These are both fashionable and affordable. Only $49 for a frame, and a selection of six different colors. Choose from options such as the soft matte, or basic brown. You can get them in both prescription and non-prescription lenses as well, making them just as functional!


Coppola // Round Tortoise Sunglasses 

The Coppola style is trending right now, with their circler frame and patterned theme. These are stylish pieces for the beach and comfortable enough to drive in. Heck, you could probably fall asleep and tan in these, as small as their coverage is around the eyes. They are available for $42 even, usually, and can be selected for prescription lensing as well.


Tempest // Square Sunglasses

The Tempest square sunglasses are popular right now for their price and practicality. These are qualified in their sturdy frames and structure, but still flashy a sassy side, coming in Tortoise, a unique shade of purple-brown, and then a nice blue-black twist. Available for $42 at most stores, these are going to be getting more attention as they are picked up by distributors.


The Keys // Round Sunglasses

These round sunglasses are available in a basic black with gold accents but work great for smaller framed faces! The slight accents from the edges are fashionable for most men, highlighting cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. They are useful for most sunny situations and create a professional atmosphere in the prescription model.


Rollin // Round Sunglasses

These classy Rollin models are worthy of the most elite of situations, down to the casualness of any Sunday. You can rock the Tortoise or black shades of these shades. Testing fade and fashion, these are top of the line and found at most places for as little as $59. You can find them in both prescription and non.


Shadow // Round Sunglasses

These classic pieces come in four exotic colors, all fun and functional. Choose from Neapolitan, Striped Mint, Jet Black, or Granite & Rose for the more mellow outfits. Catch these collections from $65 even in most distributing sources. Expect a high quality semi-transparent gray acetate finish throughout the entire vintage frame. The front features a tri-layered color transition with stud accents, Italian hinges, and a sculpted browline design for that impressive touch.

Persol // Rectangle Sunglasses

These were created in Italy; these are very upscale and well crafted. Tastemakers and celebrities of modern-day appreciate this creation for its excellent fit and crisp lenses. The brand is of the most exquisite, containing a patented Menflecto temple which create the sturdiest of fits. These are appreciated for their clear views, a blur-proof view entirely. Don’t pass up your chance to wear some of the most fashionable pieces in the market for small framed faced men. These are quite a bit different in price, ranging at about $280.00 per pair, but the product is worth the price entirely.

Burberry // Rectangle Sunglasses

These sport a signature style, with their thin-framed metal appeal. Sparking some accents along the edge, these rectangle- shaped sunglasses have a modern, yet chic appearance to them. This brand was the first name in British fashion, providing quality eyewear that has the durability, luxury, and fashion focus that is great for smaller faced men. These give off a classy, yet bold feel, emphasizing the classic British style in such a dynamic way, too. Don’t pass this pair up if you’re seeking utility with general appeal. Coming in at $195 per pair, these are an affordable elite option for the smaller faced man.


Prada // Round Sunglasses

This famous brand has style on lockdown. The world-renowned leader in male and female fashion, currently, has released a pair of sunglasses fit for any smaller framed face- women or men! These are extremely high quality, with intent to be innovative to the desires of exquisite taste. These Prada pairs are made with some of the finest essentials, with the goal to be both functional and fashionable. You can expect nothing short of the best from this option, and for a reasonable price. The Prada round glasses range from $123.00 to $245.00, generally. Right now, at the right distributors; they may be on summer sale beings they reach peak market value during that time of the year.

If you are a man seeking form and function from your glasses, make sure to follow through with these selective options and see which works best with your fashion desires.

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