27 Outfits For Big Guys: How to Dress Well As An Overweight Man

by Madisyn Taylor on July 30, 2021

Finding the right outfits for big guys is never an easy task. Not only is your choice limited, but sometimes these products are not as stylish as the regular fits. As if that wasn’t enough, the majority of salespeople don’t know how to dress an overweight man.


Big Man Style Tips to Live By

Luckily, there are a few tricks you can utilize to nail the big man style:

  1. Find a fit for yourself. No matter how many fashion blogs you visit, it all comes down to one simple thing: you need to find a style that suits you. Not only should this style be suitable for your body, but it also needs to reflect your persona and what you like to wear.
  2. Always go with solid colors. Let’s be honest: most guys don’t know how to match colors and styles. This is why it is much better to go with casual fashion for big guys. Simplistic color combinations and designs will always work, and you don’t need to invest yourself as much.
  3. Materials can make a difference. When it comes to outfits for chubby guys, you need to pay extra attention to the material. Some of them can be really thick and can add to your already sizable frame. So, always try to take materials that are, or at least look, a bit thinner.


Big Men Outfits That Are Flattering & Stylish

Now that you know some basics regarding men’s fashion for big guys let's go through some really stylish clothes for big men!


1. Dad Outfit

Instagram: @chelseasmiile

Although you might think that dad style is not cool, it is very endearing for women. This is the ultimate example of trendy casual fashion for big guys where you put emphasis on something else besides your body.


2. Woodland Strider

No matter how big you are, every woman loves a woodcutter!


3. Black Shirt

Although there is very little you can do to completely hide your belly, you can at least try to conceal it a bit. The black color makes men look thinner, and it is the best option for the upper and especially stomach region.


4. Black Jack

The same way black works for the upper region, it can work as well for your thighs and butt.


5. Blue & Purple Styling

If you thought that big men's outfits could not be stylish, think again and leave your misperceptions at the door. This blue and purple combo can be worn during every occasion, and it will make you ooze confidence.


6. British Elegance

When anyone sees you wearing this outfit, the first thing they'll want to do is to come closer and snuggle during cold nights.


7. Suit But No Tie

Once you find the perfect white button-down for your body type, don't be afraid to step out sans tie to show it off in stride.


8. Standard Red T-Shirt

If you're looking for a specific piece of clothes for your abdomen, you should definitely give a good red t-shirt a try. This color is a bit stronger and doesn't go well with everything, but if you nail it, you can leave an amazing first impression.


9. Black Leather Fashion

A great look across the board is black fashion, specifically black leather in menswear. It works extra well for plus-size guys, and it will make them more macho on top of everything.


10. Ripped Jeans

Wearing ripped jeans is a bold fashion statement but also a diversion.


11. Let It Loose

Instagram: @coastalflicks

Nothing shows more confidence than letting it all go. Although open clothes will show your midsection, they will always demonstrate confidence, an admired trait that people respect.


12. Masculinity Emphasized

Putting emphasis on your masculinity always works, regardless of your size.


13. Muscle Focus

Open t-shirts will not always work for big fellas. Still, if you have a decent shape going on, you can do magic by placing emphasis on your strong arms.


14. Baggy & Loose

It is hard to tell how big or small a person is under baggy clothes. Not only will this type of outfit conceal your weight, but it will also make you look relaxed and chill.


15. Concealing Patterns

Stripes and other concealing patterns were always great for making you look longer, smaller, or thinner.


16. Blue On Blue

Instagram: @mrhbfashion

Besides using black to slim down, you can also opt for mixing blue hues together to shed pounds off your frame.


17. Streetwear Denim

Denim will always be popular no matter how much time passes. It is a favorite of men as a durable material that adds a touch of rugged manliness.


18. White & Classic

White t-shirts can always be combined and matched. While not as concealing as black colors, they should be a part of your wardrobe.


19. Hoodie & Jeans

Hoodies are great for concealing that extra weight. Together with jeans, they are a fit that you can’t go wrong with.


20. Brown Elegance

Brown suits and shoes have become more popular in the last few years. The style is impeccable, and it works well for men of all sizes.


21. Regular Fit

Instagram: @baddadbeerreview

You always need to have several regular fit t-shirts in your wardrobe. They can be combined with just about anything.


22. Color Explosion

As mentioned, playing too much with colors can always backfire. But, if you do it the right way, you can create a style that will work well with your frame, also allowing you to express yourself artistically.


23. Pink Shirt

Pink and purple shirts are the epitome of trend. They are great for weddings and all other official occasions.


24. Long Sleeves

Among others, plus-size men can try long-sleeved t-shirts. They are trendy, awesome, and they will work well for every body type.


25. Vest & Suit

Perhaps the best thing about vests is that they conceal your stomach. They can work well for all men regardless of their size, given that most of us have at least a bit of a belly. 


26. Blue Hoodie

The color blue is one of authority. Regardless of your size, people around will respect you just based on the color combinations that you use.


27. Summer Vibes

Sometimes, you can cover your flaws by simply being cool. Floral, summer patterns are almost invented for big guys as they provide a great distraction from your frame.


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