15 Easy and Affordable Summer Outfit Ideas for Men

by Triston Brewer on May 20, 2021

Men that are constantly on the go during the summer require stylish outfits that work for their busy lifestyles. For the warmer months, versatility and durability are the name of the game for a cool and casual style. Here we have 15 easy and affordable summer outfit ideas for men that work for a variety of occasions.

Let’s take a look at the contenders...


Summer Outfit Idea #1: White V-Neck Tee with Blue Shorts

A timeless classic is pairing a white V-neck tee with denim shorts - a certified hit of a summer outfit!


Summer Outfit Idea #2: Short-Sleeve Black Crew Neck Tee with Denim Shorts

Seize the day in denim shorts with a short-sleeve black crew neck to ease you into summer style!


Summer Outfit Idea #3: The Classic Pullover

For breezy days, combine a classic blue pullover with just about anything in your wardrobe and you absolutely cannot miss! Whether worn with a light pair of crisp light khakis, denim jeans, or shorts, all of these choices make for a great sartorial decision!




Summer Outfit Idea #4: White Tank Top with Black Jeans

Every man should have a white tank top in his wardrobe since they work for a variety of looks, and pairing one with a pair of black jeans is a comfortable stylish combination.


Summer Outfit Idea #5: Long-Sleeve Gray Crew Neck with Dark Khakis

Pairing dark khakis with a long-sleeve crew collar shirt is a great look that accentuates the frame and is an instant classic.


Summer Outfit Idea #6: Tank Top with Blue Jean Shorts


A casual look that never goes out of style is the combination of a gray tank top paired with your favorite pair of denim shorts and sneakers - perfect for the day time and for catching some rays!


Summer Outfit Idea #7: Short-Sleeve Crew Neck Tee with Dark Trousers

Pairing a dark pair of trousers with a short-sleeved crew neck tee is a winner every time for a bright summer day!


Summer Outfit Idea #8: Short-Sleeve Navy Crew Neck Tee with Dark Blue Jeans


Speaking of killer combos, dark blue jeans and a short-sleeved navy crew neck are a popular go-to for many men and remain a favorite for the summer months!



Summer Outfit Idea #9: Short-Sleeve White Crew Neck Tee with Black Trousers

Black and white remains a formidable classic in menswear, and pairing a white crew neck tee with black trousers is the perfect summer outfit that makes a definitive style statement!


Summer Outfit Idea #10: Navy Tank Top with Denim Shorts

During the warmer months, a navy tank top paired with denim shorts is a quintessential summer look, the perfect combination for a summer day!


Summer Outfit Idea #11: Short-Sleeve Carbon Crew Neck Tee with Khaki Pants

Pairing light khaki pants with a carbon short-sleeve crew neck tee works so well. Don’t overthink it!


Summer Outfit Idea #12: Short-Sleeve White Crew Neck Tee with Light Blue Jeans

A short-sleeve crew neck, light blue jeans, and a pair of your favorite sneakers are always a winning combination.



Summer Outfit Idea #13: Short-Sleeve Black Crew Neck Tee with Black Chinos

A pair of black chinos, a short-sleeve crew neck tee, and white sneakers is a stylish outfit that is comfortable and evokes a chill, casual vibe.


Summer Outfit Idea #14: Short-Sleeve Dark Blue Crew Neck Tee with Light Blue Jeans

A light pair of relaxed fit blue jeans combined with a short-sleeve dark blue crew neck is another classic go-to look and a favorite for many men during the season.


Summer Outfit Idea #15: Long-Sleeve Red V-Neck Shirt with Dark Blue Jeans

Pairing a long-sleeve red V-neck with dark blue jeans is a great casual approach to your summer wardrobe that makes the grade for a spectacular afternoon or evening.

The summer time is the best season to break in those crew necks in an array of colors that you can mix and match with your favorite pair of trousers and jeans. Whatever your final decisions may be, these tips will ensure you remain in great style.


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