13 of the Best Men’s Watches Under $100

13 of the Best Men’s Watches Under $100

There are many quality watches available to men that are affordable and sleek. These pieces come in a variety of styles, so peer through what we have put together and see which fits your forte.



A genuine leather wristband with an elegant metal casing. This is a minimalists choice for sure. Check out the Magnus Quartz Red Watch for less than $60. Not a bad buy at all! 


Elliot Havok

This is a slightly newer brand for watches. Havok has begun creating high-quality watches, making riptides in the water of the market. The Oxford Havok Watch starts at $80, leaving it both affordable and interchangeable with attire. This is a new brand, but it still has an accountable reputation.




This watch is sleek and yet simple, all at once. The brown leather band that is found in the affordable option, the Rand Watch, has a natural look to it. This is perfect for both professional and casual outings. Notice the lack of numerals on this formatted piece, as it’s seeking to be a more modern watch.




Timex has been a primary producer of quality watches since 1854. The classic Weekender is excellent for easy-going nights, to stunning suits. Don’t pass up such a piece just because of its price. This brand is reliable and resounding.



If you are seeking something a little louder than what has been discussed so far, check out what Seiko has to offer. These boldfaced clocks are easily readable and reliable all at once. Check out the Sport Solar-Powered piece for something in an affordable price range.



Casio Dive watches are the preferred choice for most. They have a utilitarian design that creates a steampunk appearance, yet it is still classy enough for numerous occasions. The stainless-steel model works for both every day and suited up expenditures. The Edifice Stainless Steel Watch is resting at a penny less than 100, just barely breaking the high-class threshold.


Daniel Wellington

This is a simple watch face that will give you many options when choosing an outfit. The Daniel Wellington Classic Warwick Stainless Steel Watch starts at only $80- making it affordable yet classy.


Aulta has some experience under its business belt now. It was determined to be Business Insider’s winner last year, with its sleek and modern design. This watch is simple and yet secure in construction. The Seaward SS is starting at $95, with its simple grey colors to match most attire.



These watches are of high quality, and hard to come by sometimes.  MVMT strives to create classy watches that are professional and affordable at the same time. The Black on Black Leather piece features precise timing mechanisms, a hard-ended crystal face, and a black plated stainless-steel case. This watch has gunmetal markers to create a chic design, as well. Utilize this watch for its quality, price, and precision. Starting at $95, this watch is deemed affordable for its class.




Fossil is known for providing unique pieces. The Fossil watches are known for their durable features, leaving them reliable in almost any weather. You can receive a Brown Leather Wakefield Stainless Steel Watch for less than $80. There is also the Luther Three-Handed black piece for under $60, if you are seeking a more solid colored accessory.

The Rhett Chronographed style is another one below $60, that features a solid slate of color, with a leather strap attached for professional ventures. You can get this model also in brown leather with a blue face if you are seeking a more authentic look. The casing is available with a rose gold frame, as well.



Nixon Time Teller

These watches are great for someone who is seeking a simple yet modern design. The Time Teller watches are very chic in their make-up, creating an elegant yet subtle appearance for anyone who wears them. They start just under $100, making them affordable to most anyone seeking something fashionable and feasible.




This watch comes with a stainless-steel case, at only a 40mm size, making it a smaller one of them all. This watch is straight black, good for any outfit and occasion. Resting at a steady $99, the Onyx Mesh watch is great for any outing.

There are so many affordable watches for men moving around in the market right now, don’t feel too overwhelmed. Narrow down your choices through style and structure, selecting what sort of face you’re seeking and going from there. With these prices, you could potentially afford to get a few, one for each occasion!  

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