The Best Male Interview Attire for Business

The Best Male Interview Attire for Business

There are quite a few different routes you can take when it comes to a business orientated outfit that is appropriate for something as specific as an interview. If you are feeling a bit lost in the mess of materials that are available in this ever-growing market of merchandise, then check out the collection we've put together on what is the most reasonable in both appearance and price. Here is some of the best male interview attire for business-related occasions.

1)Slim Herringbone Blazer

The Slim Herringbone Blazer hits the sale section at during the holidays, so get it while it’s hot. Usually listed for $198, this piece is both affordable and affirming in quality. The blazer features two prestige buttons for the option of both an open and closed look. Match it with a solid colored top and some basic brown or black pants, and you are sure to appeal to the crowd- whatever sort it may be.

2) Premium Essentials Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirt

This basic article is handy for almost any sort of interview, providing as casual and comfortable, yet professional, appearance. You can roll the sleeves up for those warmer days, or button the cuff at the wrist and take on a stunning, sharp sort of look. Through, you can select both a light blue or a soft white color- each easy enough on the eyes to wear to an interview. You can get this shirt for an easy $20 and guarantee to impress either way.   

3) Dockers Slim Fit Workday Khaki Smart 360 Flex Pants D1 

These comfortable work pants are the perfect selection for any interview, coming in six different stylish colors. Each shade is suiting for a different sort of occasion, ranging from a soft matte black color, all the way to a beige safari tone. They are reasonably priced at $39.99 from JCPenny, coming in a wide range of sizes as well. Don’t feel like you have to choose between comfort and class- these pants have both! 4)

4) Washable Merino V-Neck Sweater

The Merino V-Neck sweater comes in 10 color options, leaving a lot of room for selection. You can stunt a bright red or dark blue if you’re feeling like showing your adventurous side at an interview, though the soft camel or grey color are going to be the most neutral of shades. This sweater is bound to impress even the most prestige of employers, coming into the mix with both a classy and casual tone. You can suit-up with this style for as low as $88 through

5) John Blair V-Neck Sweater Vest

The John Blair sweater vest sports a v-neck, allowing for the undershirt to be more exposed than usual. This would work best with a solid color but can be crossed with soft plaids and pastel embroideries. The vest comes in a total of three different colors; red/burgundy, grey, and navy blue. The navy blue is going to be the loudest of the choices, so for an interview, it is suggested to select a more neutral tone- the grey or even the red can create that atmosphere. The sweater vest comes with taped shoulder seams and rib-knitted armholes for the best of fits. You can get this item directly from for as low as $25.

6) Men's Classic-Fit Gray Plaid Sport Coat

If you are seeking something top-quality to show off what you are best at- being high class- then this blazer is the one for you. Available through, you can expect high standards in suited attire. This piece is going to give you a professional advantage in an interview, no doubt about it. No individual could look at the craftsmanship of such a suit and considerably less than the best in terms of personal expectations. It is only available in one color, the grey plaid, and that is probably best as the color could match most solid stated shirts. You can get this article for as low as $80.00 if you're shopping savvy enough., but without a deal, it usually markets at about $295.00. Equipped with two reliable buttons, two side pockets, and an ironed out collar, success is guaranteed when wearing such a piece.

Pair up any of these pieces with a solid shade and prepare for the best of interviews you have had. With these designs, you are indeed preparing for endless potential. If you are in motion for a business interview, make sure you fill your cart with these items or those which mimic such stature. Suit up and get serious!


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