40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men in 2020

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men in 2020

Homemade Gin Kit

The man in your life is turning 40 and you aren’t sure what you should give him. To be honest, 40 is a great age because you have gained wisdom but you’re still physically able to do whatever you set your mind to! That’s not to say you should get your husband, father or boyfriend skydiving lessons for the big 4-0, but hey, there are no bad ideas

The key to gift giving is putting yourself in their mindset. What does he like doing for fun? Has he been watching a certain TV show obsessively? Has he always wanted to try a certain new hobby? Does something he owns need an upgrade? Even if you can’t think of an answer off of the top of your head, maybe the gift ideas below can inspire you to give him the best gift he has ever received.


For the man who is no longer new to the cocktail game, the homemade gin kit will let him create his own unique spirits without the massive distillery. You just start with any brand of vodka and add in the included spices, wait 36 hours and there you have it, a drink they will have personalized for themselves. This kit comes with the two bottles shown above so they can display their accomplishment and brag about it.

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

Since 40 is not even halfway through the current average lifespan, there is no reason to let your workout routine slow down. The Versa has all the functionality of a smartwatch, calling, texting etc, as well as a dedicated app to track fitness. So many people use fitbit technology now that you can get one for yourself and one for the birthday man and compete against each other in weekly challenges.



Sock Subscription

Does he like to express himself through style, but can’t always manage it at work? For the days when getting out of bed is rough, or the jobs where the dress code is over-the-top, socks are a great way to express individuality. Even the most professional men can put on a pair of socks that show off their individual style and taste, but they can be limited by the number that they own. With this monthly sock subscription, they can upgrade their wardrobe and show who they really are….but professionally, of course.


Stuart and Lau Weekender Bag

For the man who loves to travel, or even the one who just has to travel all the time for work, a classy weekender bag is never a bad idea. This one, the Monaco from Stuart and Lau, is lightweight, waterproof and timeless.



Beer of the Month Club

The craft beer craze has swept the nation, and for a good reason. There is a beer for everybody, even those who claim they can’t stand the stuff. Well, for those who not only can stand beer, but want to adventure outside the box, this monthly beer club is their ticket to the world. 12 bottles of different types of brew each month will give even the pickiest beer drinker new favorites.



This would pair well with the prior gift idea of a beer of the month club. An icicle shaped beer stopper that keeps the bottle cold until the last drop, who wouldn’t want this?


Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Hat

Perfect for the avid runner, if you live in a colder section of the world, this wireless Bluetooth speaker hat connects directly to the phone, negating any messy wires that can distract them while working out. It is even ok for the heavy sweaters since the speaker can be removed and the hat just thrown into the washer and dryer. Just because you’ve gained a year doesn’t mean you need to gain a pound.


Restoring Eye Cream

Many men don’t buy skincare products for themselves, but they don’t know what they’re missing. 40 is not old by any means, but considering that studies show that you should start regimented skincare in your 20’s, now is as good a time as any to start! This under eye cream will refresh his skin and decrease dark circles and puffiness, making him feel 20 years younger.


Travel Accessories with Customizable Message

For the stylish man on the go, this travel accessories storage box keeps cuff links, watches and other knickknacks safe and sound in a luxurious padded box. There is a hidden slide out drawer on one side where they can hide spare or other valuables. To add a personal touch, the inside of the lid can hold a personal message that they will see every time they open it up.


Crew Neck Cashmere Sweater

The final item on the list will never go out of style, just like the birthday man. A cashmere sweater is a fashion and comfort staple in anyone’s wardrobe but is just luxurious enough that no one wants to buy one for themselves. The super soft wool is a classic for a reason, and the perfect way to show him that you care.

These are not the end-all-be-all of gift ideas, but hopefully they can get you started. A 40th birthday is a big deal and should be celebrated. Surprise him with something thoughtful that also shows how excited you are for the next decade of friendship, love and/or companionship.

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