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Men's Fleece Joggers

At True Classic, we know the importance of both comfort and functionality when it comes to jogger pants. That’s why we use a blend of 60% ringspun cotton and 40% polyester to make a butter-soft fleece that keeps you warm and dry. These sweats provide a first-class experience for your legs no matter the occasion.

Our fleece joggers have a few extra features as well. These pants come with two zipped side pockets to keep all your valuables safe. Also, the tangle-free drawstrings have a custom shiny gunmetal tipping.

Get a pair of True Classic Fleece Joggers today for a more elevated, versatile wardrobe.

How to wear Truce Classic Fleece Joggers

You can easily mix and match these joggers with t-shirts and jackets for different looks. To elevate your style on the way to the gym, put on a well-fitted sweatshirt or hoodie. For a night out with a date or friends, wear these joggers with an active hoodie, denim jacket, and casual shoes for an amped-up look.

How to care for your Fleece Joggers

Caring: Try to use a cold wash and lay your fleece joggers out flat to dry. If you use a dryer, set it to the lowest heat setting. Excessive heat can cause a slight 5% shrinkage.