60s Fashion For Men: What Your Wardrobe Can Learn From The 1960s

60s Fashion For Men: What Your Wardrobe Can Learn From The 1960s

The next time you need a style refresh or wardrobe upgrade, reach for ‘60s men’s fashion for epic inspiration. Sixties dudes had it all. They had style, they made statements, and most of all, they weren’t afraid to be themselves.


What did guys wear in the 60s?

From leather jackets to tailored suits, the ‘60s were filled to the brim with good lookin’ men. Everyone expressed themselves through fashion and it manifested in eclectic styles that still stand the test of time.

Men’s clothing styles in the 60s

The ‘60s were the golden age of men’s fashion. So many subcultures. So many styles. And so many iconic looks to choose from.


The Mod Style

The mod (short for “modern”) subculture started in London and spread like wildfire. The aesthetic was all about color blocks, tailored suits, and clean lines. It’s a timeless style and it’s easy to borrow from. All you need is a little inspiration.


Mod Style Outfits

If you’re ready to jump into ‘60s menswear, the best place to start is with mod style. Here are some outfit ideas that are ready to steal.


The Classic Mod

If you’re looking for wardrobe inspiration, this is the ultimate ‘60s outfit for guys. Classic, clean, and professional — The Classic Mod is where it’s at.


The Warm Mod

Want the classic look with an interesting twist? Opt for the high-neck and blazer mod look, but reach for warmer tones instead.


The Contemporary Mod

For the edgy guys out there, The Contemporary Mod style works best. Grab your favorite sneakers and dress pants. And don’t forget a quality long-sleeve tee to tie it all together.


The Bohemian Style

Kinda hippie, kinda not. Boho style first popped up in France after the French Revolution. And it’s no surprise that like most other popular ‘60s styles, it started as a counterculture. So even though boho didn’t start in the ‘60s, it was a huge part of American ‘60s culture — especially when it came to men’s fashion.


Bohemian Style Outfits

Relaxed, refreshing, and eclectic, the boho style is perfect for all the laid-back guys out there. Check out these ‘60s outfit ideas to inspire your next wardrobe upgrade.


NYC Boho

You’ll need some confidence, round glasses, and a zip hoodie for this ‘60s look. But man, if you get it right, you’ll be the talk of the town (in a good way).


The “National Forest” Boho

The next time you hit up Yellowstone or Zion, opt for the sherpa-lined suede jacket. All you need is some khaki or denim pants, and a classic pocket tee.


Goin’ Solo Boho

Sometimes you need to just get moody in a field. And the Goin’ Solo Boho look is inspired by all your favorite ‘60s guys (think Jimi Hendrix).


The Hippie Style

It all started on college campuses across the United States, and it didn’t stop there. The hippie style was anti-mainstream, all about the florals, and all about expressing your individuality. So go ahead and get sixties with it because hippie style is just as important today as it was decades ago.


Hippie Style Outfits

Ready to get that men’s ‘60s style on lock? Use these outfit ideas to jumpstart your style.


Lighthearted Hippie Digs

The next time you invest in a wardrobe upgrade, you’re gonna need some cut-offs and tie-dye FOR SURE. Don’t forget a sick crossbody bag and a pair of sneakers before you hit the pavement.


The Romantic Hippie

The Summer of Love is calling your name. And it’s telling you to embrace your romantic, hippie self. Grab some florals and silks, and call it a day.


Instagrammable Hippie

For all you handsome devils, the Instagrammable Hippie look is definitely for you. Get a deep v tee, some round sunglasses, and a dope hat on your crown for that fresh-to-death aesthetic.


The Beatnik Style

The beatniks were, you guessed it, part of yet another counterculture in the 1960s. Picture lots of young people with a lot to say — and looking great every step of the way. The beatnik style encapsulated anti-materialism. So this meant fewer accessories, less color, less everything. It’s all about keeping it simple.


Beatnik Style Outfits

The beatnik style is simple: less is more, less is better. And here are three ways to absolutely crush the aesthetic.


Street Beatnik

Leather jacket. Striped tee. Cuffed denim. That’s it. That’s all you need for timeless style.


Casual Beatnik

Just because you don’t do leather doesn’t mean you can’t have beatnik vibes. Swap the leather jacket for a denim one instead to give off that cool ‘60s energy.


The ~Moody~ Beatnik

Turn up that Bob Dylan and turn down all the colors. Slap a nice cap up top to make the ultimate ‘60s statement. And reach for your favorite classic tees but don’t forget to 🎵 paint them black 🎵


The Biker Style

Yet another timeless men’s fashion staple: the biker style. Imagine lots of leather jackets, fitted denim, slicked-back hair, and yes — some pointy motorcycle boots.


Biker Style Outfits

Everyone could use a little more leather in their life. And here’s some inspo you can use the next time you stock up.


The Everyday Biker

Perfect for fashionable dudes in the office, on the go, or even meeting the parents. ‘60s biker fashion was all about black leather and black denim. Pair these with a simple black tee, a camel hat, and some camel boots for the perfect everyday outfit.


High-Fashion Biker

Want to take things a step further? Keep the ‘60s biker vibes but swap out black leather for vibrant colors. Nothing quite says confidence like a bright yellow jacket, does it?


Biker Style: Ryan Gosling Edition

If you want an easy-breezy sixties situation, all you need is three things. Some dark denim (preferably cuffed). A plain white crew neck tee. And a soft leather jacket. Slick back your hair, keep some scruff on that chin, and consider it a job well done.


Embracing 60s inspiration in your wardrobe

Next time you’re shopping online or at a brick-and-mortar spot, we bet you’ll notice all the ‘60s men’s trends inspiring contemporary outfits. So go for the leather jacket. Spring for the cuffed denim. And most importantly, don’t forget the classic ‘60s staple: a high-quality crew.

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