15 Ways to Mix Up Date Night

15 Ways to Mix Up Date Night

Have you ever noticed that the longer you’ve been in a relationship, sometimes the less new, fun things you do? 

It seems like when you first start dating, you do all kinds of things together. And are always laughing, taking pictures, and making great memories. But as time goes on, it’s easy to get into a routine and quit doing the things that got you there.

So if you feel like you’re kind of stalling and want to have more fun together, here are 15 ways to turn date night into a night to remember.


1. Happy Hour and Retro Arcade

After all we’ve been through the past couple of years, I think it’s safe to say that we all could have more fun and laughs. So instead of a fancy dinner and having to get dressed up, maybe a casual happy hour and arcade are just what you need.

There are more and more retro, adult-themed arcade places popping up. They usually have a full bar, feature arcade games from your childhood days, and are super cheap. Plus, a little friendly competition at some old-school games should make for some good laughs.


2. Turn Your Home Into The Restaurant

Okay, I know I said dinner and a movie isn’t very memorable, but this date night idea will flip the script. A few years ago, I turned our small condo into our own personal restaurant and she loved it (plus told all her friends about it), so I know I did a good job.

It didn’t require too much work either, so don’t worry guys, you can do it too.

Here’s what I did:

  • Used a chalkboard we had at home to name the restaurant (to make it more “official” and put it right by the door.
  • Created a prix fixe menu and printed it out to make it seem like a real restaurant. I went with a steakhouse theme, so I had shrimp and salad for appetizers. Then a filet Mignon and baked potato for dinner with cheesecake for dessert.
  • I also bought a variety pack of beer and ingredients for her favorite cocktail as well and added it to the menu.
  • Hung up some white lights from our Christmas decor to set the mood.
  • Played some of our favorite music and dressed up like we were going out to a fancy restaurant.

Playing host, chef, and cooking was a fun twist instead of just going out to dinner. And probably saved about $100 as well.



3. Find a Concert

Live music is back! Search for who is performing in your area and get out and enjoy music the way that it’s supposed to be listened to.


4. Find a Cooking Class

As humans, we love food (just ask all the people that take endless food pictures). So why not share the bond that brings so many together by learning how to cook?

This is a great way to spend time together, learn a skill that can help you for the rest of your life, and enjoy a fantastic meal. Plus, some allow you to BYOB, so you can bring some wine as you make some delicious pasta or other dishes.

Not to mention, it can help improve your communication skills too. According to the Chef and The Dish, “Cooking with someone requires great communication, everything from chopping instructions to timing the meal. Just like a restaurant kitchen, communication can make or break that night's dinner service, and the same goes in your own kitchen.”


5. Escape the Room

Sometimes working together is just the kind of quality bonding time that you need. Search for local escape rooms in your area to see if you two are up for the challenge. Or, take another couple with you as well.


6. Plan Future Vacations

In most relationships, it seems like one person is usually in charge of planning. But instead of putting the burden on one person, make it a joint effort.

On date night, grab a quick meal and then focus on planning your next big vacation. Grab your laptops and start planning where you want to go and what you want to do.

If it’s a vacation that is financially out of reach for now, turn it into a vision board for your house. As Psychology Today stated, “​Vision boards may also help us imagine what a positive future could look like for us. Imagining a positive future is a helpful way to increase positive emotions and optimism. And positive emotions often create opportunities and increase the chances of success.”

Make it something that you can start saving toward and so you’re both motivated to save and earn more. This way it’s something you both see on a regular basis and are motivated to turn the goal into reality.


7. Laugh at a Comedy Show

As the pandemic closed a lot of entertainment venues, it’s great to have them back up and running. My girlfriend and I went to two comedy shows this year and were nearly crying by the time we left.

A comedy show is so much fun because you will have something to talk about (and laugh about) afterward. Plus, you can usually find some of the comedian's stuff on YouTube as well, for even more laughs at home.

Even if you don’t know anything about the comedians, I’m confident that you will still have a great time.



8. Recreate Your First Date

Sometimes it’s fun to turn back the clock and recreate the first proper date you had together. Hopefully, the restaurant is still open and then do your best to make it as similar as possible to that day or night.


9. Volunteer or Donate

A great way to bond at a deeper level is to turn date night into giving night (or day). You can volunteer somewhere together, like a dog shelter, or go on a shopping spree for a charity.

As an example, you could search for children’s charities near you and go buy toys or gifts together. Then deliver them to the facility and I’m sure it will make you both feel amazing and they will appreciate the gesture.


10. Rent an Expensive Car With Turo

Airbnb changed the hotel world forever, and Turo is doing the same thing to car rentals. Turo is a super convenient app that lets you find people who want to rent their cars out for a day or several days.

After I downloaded the app, the selection was huge, too. These aren’t the kind of cars you find at a rental car agency, either.

No, they had all kinds of nice cars from Mercedes convertibles, luxury Range Rovers, and even a few Rolls-Royce. Obviously, the more expensive, the higher the price tag for you too, but still, it’s a great deal.

You can rent an expensive car if you do go to dinner, shop, or even take a mini road trip. It’ll be a fun way to mix it up and maybe even find your next dream car.


11. Get Outdoors

Instead of doing date night, why not make it a date day? Get outside and enjoy mother nature before the winter weather doesn’t make it nearly as fun.

Some ideas include:

  • Hiking.
  • Camping.
  • Bike riding.
  • River rafting.
  • Wine tasting.
  • Having a picnic.
  • Hot air balloon ride.


12. Try a New Hobby Together

It’s been said that “Hobbies are great distractions from the worries and troubles that plague daily living.” So why not try a new hobby together to mix up and break up your day-to-day routine?

Some good ideas include:

  • Yoga.
  • Art classes.
  • Playing golf.
  • Indoor rock climbing.
  • Joining a volleyball team.
  • Learning a new instrument or language together.


13. Go On a Dessert Tour

Sure, food and wine tastings are fun, but why not mix up with a dessert tour?

Just use Yelp to find “Dessert spots near you” and see what comes up. Go to a few places to enjoy some sweets and maybe find a new hidden gem as well.


14. Get a Couple’s Massage

Sometimes a massage is just what you and your partner need.

This is a great date night idea if you’re both running on fumes from a long week of work. Book a couple's massage session on Friday evening or Saturday morning to rest, relax, and recharge on the weekend.

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15. Throw Axes

You might be thinking, what are you talking about? Yeah, axe throwing is a thing and it’s a lot of fun! Usually, they’re more like hatchets, but still, it’s pretty eventful.

They set you up with your own lane, kind of like bowling, with nets on each side. Then, you get to throw small axes at a target for an hour session. Plus, they even offer beer and wine at some venues.

Needless to say, we had some good laughs and got some great videos as well.

Hopefully, these date night ideas can give you some inspiration to try something new and have fun together. Dinner and a movie isn’t a bad idea - it’s just usually not as memorable as some of these fun ideas.

Remember, to make a relationship last for the long haul, you have to keep doing fun stuff that you did in the beginning.

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