10 Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

10 Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

If you’re like most guys, you’re probably scrambling to find a Mother's Day gift in the next few days. I get it, we procrastinate… especially with holidays.

While procrastinating is better than forgetting about it entirely, we can’t miss out on showing love to Mom. The woman who made it all possible and is probably your biggest fan in life.

But instead of giving her flowers or jumping on a Zoom call (I think we’ve all had enough of those in the last year), think outside the box to show her you care.

Don’t worry, we took care of the hard work and found the best 10 Mother's Day gifts. Since a lot of the world is still separated and socially distant, we broke it down into two groups. The local set of gifts if you’re fortunate enough to spend time with mom and another set for those who are further apart.

Here are the best ways to show mom just how much you appreciate her this year.


Local Mother’s Day Gifts

If you’re able to spend time with your mom for her special day, make sure to take advantage of it. While I’m sure she appreciates gifts, nothing beats quality time together. As a famous quote says, “The greatest gift you can give someone is your time. Because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life and that is the best gift of all.” Here are some of our favorite ideas to spend time with your mother on her big day.


1. Cook For Her

Let’s face it, almost everyone goes out to brunch or lunch on Mother’s Day. Sure it’s more convenient than cooking but it’s often much busier, select prix fixe menus, and long waits. So instead of dining out, why not cook for her? Since she’s probably made you a few thousand meals over the years, the least you can do is pay her back with a great meal yourself. Brunch or lunch is likely the most convenient and easiest option, even if you aren’t a pro chef either. Keep it simple by buying some items pre-bought and make 1-2 main dishes like blueberry pancakes and omelettes. Also, brunch wouldn’t be complete without mimosas either and you can even call them “Momosas” for the occasion. Don’t forget to grab her favorite bottle of champagne, orange juice or grapefruit purée. Remember, even if your cooking isn’t the best it’s the thought that counts (and the champagne should help too).


2. Support Your Community

While I’m sure mom would love brunch, she might love helping the community even more. Find a place that could use an extra set of hands and volunteer together. Whether it’s a local food bank, dog shelter, or another cause that matters to her. Even an hour before or after another one of these activities could be a great way to spend the day together.


3. Go on a Hike

If mom is a fitness queen, find a local trail to hike together. It’ll be fun to get outside with her, catch up on recent events, and enjoy nature. Try to get out before it gets too hot and crowded and find a place for coffee or a snack afterward.


4. Coffee and Farmer’s Market

Another great idea is to enjoy spring and hit your local farmer’s market. If there is coffee there, grab some for her or make a pit stop on the way. Then you can grab some local flowers to support small business and ensure mom gets only the freshest flower arrangement too.


5. Book a Wine Tasting

Depending on where you live, a wine tasting is a great way to spend the day together. Taste some new wines together, enjoy some nice scenery, and unplug for the day. Once you find the wine she likes most, make sure to get her a bottle to take home as well.


Out of Town Mother’s Day Gifts

Let’s not forget about the moms who aren’t close by either. Instead of spending $100 on flowers that don’t last long, send her an experience that she will cherish for a long time. Here are five great out-of-town Mother Day gifts that she will love.


6. Spa Day

Since moms are usually superheroes working what feels like 24/7, give her the gift of R&R. Nothing says “I love you Mom” like a day at the spa. Find one close by her that offers different sorts of packages to help her relax. Some might include a facial, massage, access to the pool, and more features. Use Yelp to research local spots that other people love and get her an online gift certificate and email it to her. This way she can schedule something at a time that works best for her and relax on your dime.


7. Send Her a Cameo From Her Favorite Celebrity

If your mom loves movies and TV, this might be the coolest gift ever. A service called Cameo lets you hire top actors, celebrities, influencers and entertainers to send a personalized video message to anyone you want. Simply book the person of your choice through the website or app, let them know the message, and you can send it straight to mom. This shows that you know her well and I’m sure she’ll be so excited to hear from her favorite celebrity too.


8. Book a Trip Together

Who said that she has to redeem her gift on the actual day? If you can’t be together for that day, why not book a quick weekend trip in the near future.

Some ideas to spend time together could include:

  • A cool golf destination.
  • Visiting her favorite place.
  • Hitting the beach or the slopes.
  • Visiting a national park or outdoor event.

Remember, nothing beats quality time together!


9. Wine Monthly Club

Since you can’t go wine tasting together, why not bring the tasting to her? Treat mom to a wine subscription service that allows her to taste all kinds of new bottles from the comfort of home.

A few options include Winc Monthly Wine Club, Primal Wine Club, SommSelect Monthly Wine Club and more. It’s the gift that just keeps giving!


10. BarkBox Subscription

If an empty nest turned your mom into a dog mom, I’m sure she will love a monthly subscription service like BarkBox. These monthly boxes are themed for her pup and include toys, treats, and bones each month. You can choose from different billing options and sizes based on her dog.


Wrapping Up

With these 10 Mother's Day gift ideas, I’m confident you won’t need to send flowers and cards anymore. It’s time to set it up and show mom just how much you appreciate her. Show the most important person in the world that you care with some of these unique and memorable gift options. If you’re within driving distance of mom, make sure to spend time together on the big day. And if you’re further apart, buy her something to create a memory, not just a standard gift option. Whether you live close or halfway around the world, you can’t go wrong with any of these ideas.

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