10 WFH Essentials Men Need in Their Life

10 WFH Essentials Men Need in Their Life

Well, we’re a year into this, so you might as well get comfy in your work from home setup. If you happen to be working from home, it definitely has its perks: like eating all the snacks, all day. Or canceling jeans and only wearing soft pants. Or catching up on your favorite shows during your lunch break. Let’s hope our boss isn’t reading this. Now that we’re a year into pretty much living at work, we should make sure we’re all taking care of ourselves (especially our backs—kitchen table setups aren’t the move.) We broke down the top 10 work from home essentials that will transform your setup. We can’t change the fact that it feels like we’re all just constantly cooking and cleaning our kitchens, though. No solution for that just yet.

Check ‘em out:


1. Resteck Massager for Neck and Back

Uhm, let’s see, you deserve it? We’re all going through a lot right now. Most of us are spending more time hunched over our laptops than ever before, and it’s doing a number on our backs and necks. The Resteck Massager is a game-changer. Unclench your jaw and relax your shoulder as you read this, and please invest in a nice at-home-massager like this. You can find it on Amazon for $48.95.


2. Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses

Sometimes it feels like we stare at a medium screen from 9-5 only to move to the couch to watch our larger screen and then get distracted by the small screen. Spending a lot of time on screens can be problematic for your eyes, sometimes even causing damage. These stylish Felix Gray Blue light glasses alleviate the strain of constant scrolling and actually help your eyes prepare for sleep. So let’s give our eyes a little rest even if we’re not quite ready for a screentime break just yet, and head over to Felix Gray for your blue light needs. These stylish glasses start at $95 and are an investment for your sight.


3. Ember Stay-Hot-Mug

You know when you’re in meetings and you can finally take a sip of your coffee only to find it tastes like lukewarm bean juice? There is almost nothing worse. Besides stepping on a lego. Or wet socks. Either way, we have the perfect solution. This Ember mug keeps your drink hot for hours on end. It doesn’t just insulate, it keeps it as fresh as when you first poured it. So when your meetings run all day, your hot coffee will too. Find ‘em on Ember’s site for $99.99.


4. ObVus Solutions Laptop Stand

This laptop stand from ObVus Solutions literally saves your neck—for only $75. A lot of us are still working at makeshift office spaces in our homes, which don’t have the proper support for our necks and backs. The good news is you don’t need a full-on office to upgrade—just get one of these bad boys and say bye-bye to being hunched over your Ikea kitchen table (no offense, Ikea.) With this, you could work straight-up from your couch. Don’t worry we’ll keep that to ourselves.


5. Modway Ergonomic Mesh Chair

So you got the laptop stand to feel more like you’re working from a desk. Now you just need some great back support. The Modway Ergonomic Chair (on Amazon) is made from supportive and breathable mesh and giving you the back support you need at the awesome price of $170. Plus you’ll look like a boss from your Zoom screen. Keep in mind it’s important to switch your seats up. Investing in a medicine ball is great for core strength and back support to avoid injuries.


6. Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Noise Cancelling Headphones

The biggest downfall to working from home? Getting distracted. Whether it’s a too-loud roomie, or just the UPS delivery guy knocking on your door, the best way to actually focus is to tune out all the outside buzz and get in the zone. These top-rated noise-canceling headphones on Amazon should do the trick. They’re budget-friendly, without all the bells and whistles, at only $49.99. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and have a 30-hour battery life. Oh, and they cancel noise. The best part.


7. LaCrosse Technology™ Cube Timer

So we all have timers on our phones. But the problem with phones is that you might get distracted by a certain little time-sucking-death-scroll app and forget to set your timer to complete a task altogether. Our advice: put your phone in another room, write your to-do list, and get this awesome little timer from Bed Bath and Beyond for only $9.99. You can easily set aside time for your daily tasks without getting distracted by that pesky little screen.


8. Theralite Bright Lite Therapy Lamp

Thankfully it’s starting to stay lighter out later. Phew. The problem is a lot of us are holed up in smaller apartments without much natural light to save money, thinking we wouldn’t be spending much time in them. Oops. We got you covered for your naturally dim abode: this Light Therapy Desk Lamp from Amazon at just $66.55. It’s adjustable, clinically tested, and will 100% brighten your energy and mood. Natural light, who?


9. SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Go

So you ran to Target on your lunch and got a little distracted in the snack aisle. Your boss messages you asking where that report is. Panic ensues. We get it. This flash drive from Apple is not only for the person who runs errands on their lunch, but for the person who actually has their sh*t together and just needs a backup plan. For $89.95, it frees up space in your phone, protects your files and photos, and you can also connect it to your laptop. This one works best with iPhones and Macs, but this Samsung DUO Plus USB Type-C Flash Drive for $47.49 one works great for Droid users.


10. Quality Bourbon from Jefferson’s Reserve

Oh, look! It’s 4:52. We made it! Try your best to tune out those 8:30 p. m. emails from your co-worker who “just loves to be on” and pour yourself a stiff one. You’re a man of quality, so we recommend this Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old Bourbon to round out your bar setup for only $50.00 It’s sophisticated with a smooth excellence to it, with a lot of flavor upfront and a well-rounded finish. Cheers.

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