15 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind of Dad

15 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind of Dad

Now that May and Mother’s Day are complete, don’t forget about Father’s Day on June 20th.

Since dads are traditionally tougher to shop for, we made it easy to show him how much you care on his big day. All 15 of these gift ideas are sure to make you the favorite kid in June.


1. Go Beer or Wine Tasting

If you live close to dad, why not make an excursion for his big day? Instead of buying another small gift or treating him to lunch, opt for a more fun activity together.

Depending on where you live, try to find a beer or wine tasting event. It would be a fun way to bond, enjoy some new beverages, and spend a few hours together.


2. Golf Weekend Trip

Golf is one of the greatest sports because you can play it no matter your age. Whether you’re 8 or 80, golf is a sport for everyone.

So why not book a weekend getaway to a fun golf destination?

There are so many hubs of golf no matter where you are located. Whether you go to Bandon Dunes, Arizona, Florida, South Carolina, or somewhere else.

If you don’t have a bucket list type of golf courses close by, opt to play for a nicer course in your area. Splurge a few extra bucks to take your dad golfing at a nice course and eat at the club afterward. Nothing says how much you appreciate him like a fun day of golf and steak.


3. Hit The Ballpark

Now that more and more of the country is opening up, it’s time to get back out and have fun! While most sports had a limited number of fans in 2020, this year it’s shaping up to be a very different story.

Major League Baseball in particular has tons of stadiums with half and some have full capacity. If your dad likes baseball over golf, this is a great way to spend the day together.



4. Muse 2 Meditation Headband

If you aren’t physically close to dad, that’s okay, there are still tons of awesome gifts to make his day special. One gift is the Muse 2 meditation headband, which provides a type of meditation that you’ve probably never imagined.

The Muse 2 headband is a multi-sensor device that provides a ton of feedback like heart rate, breathing, brain activity, and more to build a better practice. When you buy this awesome gift, it also comes with a full 1-year subscription too.

This will give your dad access to 500+ guided meditations to help with sleep, stress reduction, and other great benefits. While it’s certainly not conventional, it’s one that can benefit him the rest of his life!


5. Engraved Watch

Nothing says “Happy Father's Day” like a nice watch. Similar to the mediation headband, it’s something he can use over and over again.

To make it even more unique and special, get the watch engraved with a custom message. A few small words can turn a great gift into an extraordinary one. If you’re too late to get it engraved, buy the watch and add the message at a later time.


6. Airbnb Experiences Gift Card

I’d argue that almost no physical gift is better than a memory you can create for someone. When you buy “things” people can forget, they break, and it's human nature to always look for the shiny new thing.

But when you buy an Airbnb experience gift card, you’re buying dad a memory. The cool thing with these gift cards is they work anywhere Airbnb is offered. Whether he wants to head West to the beach or save it for a skiing trip in the winter.

An experience gift card will help you take care of some or all the lodging costs of a fun vacation. And you never know, he might invite you along too!


7. Digital Photo Frame

If you and your dad have shared a ton of special moments together, I’m sure he would love a digital photo album frame. You can upload all your cherished memories into the frame and set it on a display so he can see them all the time.

A digital photo frame is a low-cost unconventional Father’s Day gift that will make him smile every time he sees it.


8. Portable Tailgate Grill

Now that the NFL is welcoming fans back at 100% in 2021, that means tailgating is bound to come back as well. If your dad loves to man the grill at home, he’ll love a portable tailgating grill for the game.

These grills are much smaller than a normal BBQ and make it easy to transport to the stadium. To make it even more special, grab a matching set of BBQ utensils of his favorite team.


9. Cameo From a Celebrity

Some dads are tough to shop for, so why not outsource it to one of his favorite celebrities or athletes? Thanks to a new service called Cameo, it’s never been easier to set this up!

Simply visit their website, find a celebrity or athlete dad loves and book a message. After choosing, just let them know what type of message and they'll do the rest.



10. Whiskey Decanter Set

If your dad is a whiskey connoisseur, he needs a proper decanter set. You can find one of these locally at high-end liquor stores like Total Wine or BevMo, or grab one online.

Make sure the set has a decanter, 2-4 glasses, and whiskey stones. If you’re able to, have his initials engraved on the decanter to make it extra special.


11. Patio Furniture

To help dad get ready for summer and people being together again, see if you can find him some awesome new patio furniture. This will complete his backyard and make it perfect for entertaining all summer long.


12. Yeti Cooler

If your dad is an outdoors type of guy, treat him to a Yeti cooler.

These high-end coolers are available in all types of sizes and colors (including his favorite sports team and NASCAR logo as well). This cool gift will last him a long time and is good to use at home or when traveling.


13. Pizza Oven

Chances are, your dad already has a BBQ that he loves, so don’t try to replace it. Instead of trying to find a better one, opt for a small pizza oven as a grilling accessory. A lot of these go on top of the BBQ grill and make a homemade pizza in no time.

Or, if your dad doesn’t love pizza, you can always buy grill accessories like a meat thermometer or Himalayan rock salt block too.


14. Subscription Box

If your mom still loves her wine subscription box you sent her last month, maybe treat dad to his own as well. Here are some awesome subscription boxes for Father's Day:

Katz Delicatessen Gift Box

The great Katz’s Delicatessen has been around since 1888 and is a staple in New York City. Treat dad to a Father’s Day Triple Classic package which includes all the supplies to make a classic deli experience at home.

Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks is also a historic brand that’s been around since 1917. Treat dad to some steak or other meats for a few months with a recurring subscription box.

Man Crates

For a unique spin on subscription boxes, check out “Man Crates.” Their slogan is “We ship brag worthy gifts for guys” and have some cool ideas. Some unique ideas they offer include:

  • Bacon crates
  • BBQ grilling creates
  • American tour jerky crates
  • Personalized barware crates

And a lot more awesome choices.



15. Custom Home Decor

Finally, our last suggestion is to get a custom gift made just for dad. Here are a few ideas that I’m sure he’ll love to add to his garage, man cave, or patio.

Bar or Pool Sign

Check out places like Etsy to have custom bar or pool signs sent his way.

Personalized Home Plate Wall Art

Baseball is life for a lot of dads, so why not buy him a personalized home plate piece of wall art. Check out sites like Uncommon Goods to start creating your own custom plate today.

As you can tell, there are tons of different gifts to choose from. Start by thinking about some of your dad's top hobbies and try to find one closely related.

If you’re close to him and can spend the day together, try to make it happen. A day at the ball field or the golf course will mean a ton and sure to create some epic memories together.

If you’re not able to meet up, make sure to grab one of these unconventional Father’s Day gift ideas to give him something he will love.

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