The 35 Best Swim Trunks for Sports and Leisure

The 35 Best Swim Trunks for Sports and Leisure

With the summer already underway, it’s time to enjoy the long-awaited season after what seemed to be a non-stop snowy winter. It’s now time to bask under the warm sun, participate in your favorite summer leisure games, and of course, swim in the ocean or the pool.

Whichever feels right, you need to have the best swim trunks for both sports and leisure activities if you want to make this season a worthwhile experience. So, there is no better time to upgrade your wardrobe with the best swim trunks for sports and for leisure for men in 2021. Here are the best men’s swimsuits that you should consider buying for sports and leisure during this summer season:


1. ORLEBAR Brown – Mid-length Swim Shorts

The ORLEBAR Brown mid-length swim shorts are considered as the overall best option by most people thanks to their design detail and side-pulls that you can adjust for the best fitting.


2. Arlen Seersucker Swim Trunks

Second on the list are the Club Monaco Arlen Striped Seersucker swim shorts. These are perfect for casual wear and offer a vintage look that most people will love rocking.


3. The Classic Navy Swim Trunks

If you are looking for something that’s between casual and tailored, then these Classic Navy solid and striped swim trunks can be your best choice. The shorts feature a seersucker pocket lining that makes a statement.


4. The Patagonia 5” Baggie Shorts

Trendy and designed from quick-drying nylon, these Patagonia 5” baggie shorts are perfect to wear both in or out of the water.


5. Mid-length Swim Shorts by Polo Ralph Lauren

These shorts feature a retro appeal and the neat mid-length design draws to mind the idyllic summer past. These shorts are also perfect for in and out of water use thanks to their fully-lined mesh and quick-drying nylon design.


6. Vuori Banks 5" Swim Shorts

Style up your summer with this men’s swimsuit that’s versatile enough to be worn with anything. These shorts are great for both sports and leisure activities during the summer season.


7. Fair Harbour – the Anchor Swim Shorts

Made from 88% recycled plastic bottles, these Fair Harbour shorts can leave a statement whether on land or in the sea. Plus, these shorts are eco-friendly and feature a 4-way stretch that facilitates quick drying.


8. Amazon Essentials Men's Quick-Dry 9 Swim Trunks

Regardless of your planned summer adventures, you can rest assured that these affordable swim trunks by Amazon will be there to efficiently facilitate each activity. The rich color also is perfect for the season!


9. River Island Stripe Texture Swim Trunks

If you are short, these vertically striped swim trunks can create the illusion that you are 5” taller as you make a stylish statement on the beach or pool lounge.


10. Lululemon Channel Cross Swim Shorts

Looking to jump right in the water after an intense workout without having to change your shorts? The Lulumelon Channel cross swim trunks double as workout and swim trunks as well.


11. Bather Tie Dye Swim Trunks

The Bather Tie Dye swim trunks can take you through workouts, beach days, weekend hangs, and even heavy wash cycles. These trunks are just about perfect for every man’s body type and can offer impressive functionality.


12. Frescobal Carioca Wave-Print Swim Trunks

Stylish and functional, these swim trunks can offer the best sports and leisure experience if you are looking for something premium during this season.


13. Marané "Cintas" Brushstroke-Print Shell Swim Shorts

The lush, watercolor graphics on these swim trunks can get you in the mood of doing aerial jumps on water skis and amazing vacation hews.


14. Birdwell Beach Britches Nylon Board Shorts

Practical and offering exceptional design, these are some of the best swim shorts you can consider for the summer if you are looking for vintage apparel for this summer.

15. Bonobos Throwback Swim Trunks

These are other throwback or vintage additions to the list but also offer a practical and stylish summer look regardless of your planned adventures.


16. Nautica Classic Logo Tri-Block Series Men’s Swim Shorts

Not just stylish, but these swim shorts are always in-trend despite them being classic. You can wear them either in or out of the water.


17. Speedo Swim Shorts

These swim trunks feature a tad more coverage than your average speedo swim shorts. Hence, they can be perfect for both workouts and in-water summer experiences.


18. Banks Journal – Primary Elastic Shorts

These shorts work best for people with sensitive skin since they are enzyme-coated for improved softness. The Banks Journal elastic swim shorts can be used in water and sporting activities as well.


19. Classic Taffeta Swimming Trunks by Lacoste

These shorts simply embrace the summer experience and can be a bang-on-fit for people who love rocking vibrant color trunks during summer.


20. Stone Island Garment-dyed Nylon Swim Trunks

Love the idea of swim shorts with a touch of foreign design or class? These Stone Island Garment-dyed nylon shorts are made from Italian fabric and offer a touch of class and functionality.


21. Nike Volley Short Swim Trunks

Featuring a solid navy blue color, these Nike volley swim trunks never go out of fashion and are versatile in their functionality.

22. Onia "Calder" Swim Shorts

These are sleek, streamlined, and can be worn with almost everything you have in mind for that summer experience. They are also perfect for workouts or just swimming.

23. H&M Patterned Swim Shorts

These trunks feature tropical graphics that create the feel of embracing the beach or the summer season. You can wear them to swimming or other leisure activities around the beach.

24. SILKWORLD Swimming Shorts

These are classic, elastic-waist swim trunks that are both convenient to wear and practical for use in and out of water.

25. UNIQLO Active Swim Shorts

These shorts are made of polyester material and feature a water-repellent coating. Hence, they dry faster and are versatile enough to wear for swimming and workouts or sports.

26. Vintage Summer - Solid Washed Nylon Swim Trunks

While these shorts feature a vintage design, their functionality remains timeless and can be worn for swimming, workouts, or other leisure activities on the beach.

27. AVID – Zinae Trunx

These trunks offer you UPF-40 protection from the ultraviolet rays and an inner pocket to stash your portable accessories. People with sun-sensitive skin may benefit a lot from these shorts during this summer season.

28. Fair Harbour – The Sextant Trunk

These trunks are made from 92% recycled bottles, which makes them perfect for eco-warriors. Their style and functionality, however, isn’t limited to eco-warriors alone but anyone who’s looking to swim, workout, or play summer games in a short.

29. Goodfellow & Co. Swim Trunks

With these swim trunks, you get UPF 50+ protection to ensure your legs don’t get scorched by the sun’s rays. The trunks are also ideal for swimming and sporting activities during this season.

30. Betawave Swim Shorts

As you may know, black swim trunks go with just about everything and these SAXX’s Betawave swim shorts are no exception. They are comfortable and functional, making them great for sporty or leisure activities during summer.


31. Short Length Swim Trunks by ASOS

If you want a stylish and functional look while wearing shorts this summer, why not go for short shorts? These are practical and comfortable for any beach activities you’ll indulge in this summer.

32. J.Crew 6-Inch Swim Trunks

Featuring a mesh lining on the side and different color-block options, you can definitely enjoy a great summer experience on the beach or pool lounge with these shorts.

33. Body Glove Valon Beach Day-Print Walkshort

Durable and lively, this men’s swimsuit can be perfect to wear for the life of the party during this summer season. They can accommodate sporty and leisure activities during the summer.

34. Mack Weldon Swim Board Short

These are functional swim trunks that feature pockets on the back and front sides for storing your portable essentials such as keys to avoid losing them, while you are on the beach.


35. Carhartt Shaka – Swim Trunk

This brand usually creates durable products and these swim trunks are no exception. With it, you can ski jump, swim in the ocean, play your favorite summer sport, and still appear stylish thanks to its design.

Choosing the best men’s swim shorts requires you to consider a few things, including the length, waist, and style of the swim trunk that you want. Once you ascertain your preferences, choosing between the 35 best swim trunks for sports and leisure will become an easy experience for you.

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