New Tech Gadgets Every Man Needs in 2021

New Tech Gadgets Every Man Needs in 2021

We rounded up the 8 best gadgets that just make life easier—and more fun.

To those of us who still feel like 1980 was 20 years ago, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the ever-changing tech space. But don’t let that intimidate you! Keeping up with the times is what keeps us young, curious, and even smarter than ever before. With new advancements happening every year, it can be hard to even keep up with your iPhone updates—we get it. But this list breaks down gadgets that simply make life easier (and more fun) for every man in 2021. Here’s to keeping up with the times, here’s to making life easier, here’s to having more fun. Now get gadget-ing.

1. Theragun Elite

You’ve probably heard of them. And you might have thought “those are just for athletes.” Well, they’re not. These are for those weekend warriors who spend Monday-Friday hunched over their desks and Saturday-Sunday chasing after their kids—or maybe even chasing some shots (we’re not judging.) Either way, this gun is a life changer. It’s the easiest, quietest way to soothe your muscles and allow for actual relaxation. Within minutes, your deep tissue pain and tension melt away and you don’t even need to tip 20%. 2021’s Elite version is quiet, has a smooth foam tip, and feels even more personalized than ever before. Do yourself a favor and invest. It might take 20 years off your back. Get it for $399 at

2. Hatch Restore

Yes, you are a full-grown man. And yes, you still need to sleep like a baby. It’s science. No, really, it’s actually proven to be good for you to get a full night’s rest so indulge in this little machine. The Hatch Restore is part sound machine, part sunrise alarm, part smart light, part meditation app, in one full-on sleep assistant. Not only does the sound machine lull you into a sweet, deep sleep, it also helps create a nighttime routine, with non-blue LED lights that allow you to doze off into dreamland with little distractions. The best part? You’ll wake feeling like Snow White, well-rested and relaxed with exclusive alarm sounds that gently wakes you up and support your cortisol levels. No one should experience the dreadful sound of the iPhone alarm ever again. Find this on for $129.95, and finally feel rested.

3. Fitbit Sense

Say hello to the world’s most advanced health smartwatch. It’s not just about your physical health—but your mental health as well. This is why this smartwatch is such a handy tool coming into 2021. If you read our article about Self-Care for men, you’ll know, this little doo-dad will make self-care even more optimized. It literally covers all the bases with temperature, stress, blood oxygen, sleep, and fitness trackers. The most advanced parts about it are the stress-level detectors, which are designed to help you track and control your stress levels with guided meditation and fitness plans. It also keeps track of your blood oxygen levels while you sleep. Phew, it does everything. If you’re looking for a more well-rounded 2021 with your mental and physical health in top-shape‚ this is for you. Find it at for $299.95.

4. Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

Transport yourself back to your childhood—but with the most modern tech advances. Nintendo has finally created what our 10-year-old selves could only dream of, an AR experience of the classic game, Mario Kart. It’s pretty damn groundbreaking. This pack gets you a Kart and the character of your choice, plus cardboard accessories to help create a real-life track around your home. Just view the screen through your Nintendo Switch and get racing with other characters, or experience the magic of AR obstacles, themes, and power-ups. Round up a few of your buddies and opt for advanced Mario Kart instead of a poker game. Your 10-year old self will freak. Find it at Target for $99.95.

5. Gillette Heated Razor Kit

Proof that the simplest ideas are sometimes the most revolutionary. Gillette is all about comfort, but there really is no other feeling like the ice-cold blades of a razor against your skin in the early am. It’s almost like sitting on a freezing cold toilet seat. Well, the future is here, and a full-on heated razor is now at your fingertips. It’ll feel like that hot-towel moment you get at your barber but right in your bathroom. It warms up near-instantly to a satisfying 109-122 degrees, all while charging on a wireless stand. This really is the future. Find it for $200 at

6. Larq Purifying Water Bottle

Who else gets the ick when they drink out of their reusable water bottle every day? *raises hand*. Like yea, we clean it, but yeah it still freaks us out for some reason, especially if we don’t have the luxury of a dishwasher. Plus, let’s all give a care when it comes to the environment, plastic simply isn’t it. So, welcome the most high-tech water bottle known to man. Not only does it self-clean, so you can feel at ease while hydrating, but it also kills harmful bacteria to purify your water 99.99%. It’s so high-tech, you just need to charge it once a month and you got yourself unlimited clean and filtered water. Your refrigerator Brita could never. Sorry Brita, we still love you. Find it at for $95.

7. Click and Grow Smart Garden

Stop buying your basil at the store and start growing it—but without the chance of it dying due to your non-green thumb (no offense, some of us just don’t have it.) Having fresh herbs on the ready has literally never been easier. This is one of those moments where you can completely forget you have a garden, but still, show up to the dinner party with fresh-cut herbs to brag about. Win-win for you. This high-tech garden features LED grow lights and a self-watering system. Get it for $99.95 at

8. Roomba i7+

Who knew a vacuum could look this sleek? Like honestly, put this out for display in your home ‘cause it looks like you have moved on up if you ask us. This robot/vacuum/art piece is the latest and greatest from the most loved brand, Roomba. You can control it from your phone and it is so dang smart it even remembers the layout of your home for customized and regimented cleaning schedules. Thank gosh for robots, we never have to lift a finger to vacuum again. Find it on for $799, and yes, we are really excited about a vacuum, this is growing up.

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