10 Quick Exercises to Wake You Up for Spring

10 Quick Exercises to Wake You Up for Spring

Simple ways to get our bodies moving, boys.


The world is finally defrosting and spring is here. It’s time to get outside, it’s rooftop szn, it’s almost summer. While we definitely don’t believe in “summer bodies” over here, spring and summer are the perfect time to wake your body from its winter slumber and get moving. It’ll make you feel good from the inside out. We gathered some of the best bodyweight exercises to either add to your existing gym routine, turn into a circuit, or mix in on your morning hike. No matter how you exercise, just get your body moving. It will make a world of difference in your mood and overall existence. Whip this list out for a much-needed spring pick-me-up. Pro tip: exercising outside maximizes your mood even more. As always don’t overdo it and make sure to consult your doctor if you have pre-existing conditions before attempting these workouts.


1. Jumping Jacks

A tried and true classic. Why are they so great? They target your body as a whole. As an exercise that’s good for your heart as a whole, it’s great to work these babies into your workouts often. It’s not just good for your heart but it makes your muscles stronger, uplifts your mood, relieves stress, releases endorphins so you get a feel-good rush right away. If you want to up the intensity, do them faster or add a squat. What’s important is what makes you feel good.


2. Planks

It’s literally a single move for stronger abs. Yes, we know, minutes feel like hours when you’re in this position. But they get easier with time. These are another one of those exercises that are so damn beneficial, you should work them in every day to reap all the rewards. They’re the key to reducing belly fat, forming abs, strengthening your core, improving posture, improving balance, reducing an achy back, and improving your metabolism as a whole. Our tip to make those minutes feel less excruciating: start small, say 30 seconds a day, and build up every single day. Maybe even keep a plank calendar or a specific plank song that gets you pumped. Consistency is key.


3. Mountain Climbers

Keep playing the classics, man, they work. Mountain climbers are so good for your overall well-being. Just like jumping jacks they increase your heart rate building a stronger heart, improving your mood, and releasing that rush of feel-good endorphins. They also help with overall flexibility, balance, weight loss, helping you get those abs and reduce stubborn belly fat. This is another low-impact exercise that improves so much but can easily be worked into your day-to-day. Block off some mountain-climbing in your calendar this week, you’ll be amazed at the difference with a little consistency.


4. Walking

Walking? As exercise? Yeah. You don’t need to be a tried and true gym rat to exercise. A workout can be worked in with a few intervals throughout your day or can be as simple as getting your 10,000 steps in. Get ready ‘cause the benefits of walking are long. Walking every day is proven to burn calories, strengthen your heart, improve your overall mood, balance your blood sugar, ease joint pain, boost your mood, boosts immunity, and even extends your life. Walking is literally the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, along with a healthy diet, but it is truly one of the easiest exercises you can do for yourself. If you really want to see the benefits, walk for at least 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Now get out there, already!


5. Squats

Again, so simple but so beneficial. Now these, ya won’t want to do every day as they are more high-impact than the others. But once or twice a week they are amazing to mix into your routine in order to prevent injury. Squats are designed to strengthen the muscles of your lower body but they also work your core. Giving you an overall strength that protects you from injuries and increases your flexibility. Plus, they absolutely crush calories. Our tip for making the most of your squats? Make sure your form is correct. Legs hip distant, shoulders back, head facing forward, back in a neutral position, core engaged, knees in line with your toes. This is how you get results.


6. Lunges

Another exercise you don’t want to hit every day as it is more high-impact but it can be grouped with squats for a more well-rounded leg-focused day. Lunges aren’t just great for more muscle build-up in your lower body, they also improve your range of motion within your knees, and they allow for more flexibility and even better posture. Lunges will give you a strength that comes from your core and legs, allowing for better stability and again reducing your risk of injury.


7. High Knees

They might feel like the worst but they’re one of the best. High-knees are another low-impact exercise that focuses on your heart rate and overall cardiovascular health. Not only do they kill calories, boost your metabolism and your mood, they also strengthen your legs, core, and hip flexor muscles. High knees are proven to increase your overall balance and neuromuscular effectiveness which basically gives you way better coordination.


8. Burpees

Also known as hell. Just kidding, but really, when you’re halfway through a burpee set you’re probably on fire. That just means you’re doing it right. This seemingly simple exercise is high-intensity, strength training for functional fitness. Again, this mainly targets your heart, with overall cardiovascular improvement, improving your blood flow, lowering your blood pressure, improving your mood. But they also target your full body, allowing your core to strengthen, and your arm and leg muscles to be seriously challenged. These babies will make you mentally and physically stronger. Because getting through them is the hardest but most rewarding part.


9. Crunches

Let’s focus on those abs, baby. No matter what size you come in, you are worthy and handsome the way you are. But self-improvement is the spice of life, and while we’re not saying some crunches will give you a 6-pack, they will improve your overall health and strength. That means more than a 6-pack ever will. As you’re implementing these other simple exercises into your routine, crunches will tone and strengthen your core muscles. Your core is basically the key to overall body strength, and these small movements will train it to become stronger, give you better posture, and even work your lower back and obliques. These aren’t for your everyday routine, just like we mentioned with squats and lunges. They can be sprinkled into your workouts in intervals to get the most out of them.


10. Pushups

A fast and effective way to build upper body strength. Pushups are another simple exercise that works so much you didn’t even realize. Not only do they tone your arm muscles including triceps and shoulders, but they also enhance your pectoral muscles, strengthen your lower back, and your abdominal muscles. Pushups are also great in working your overall posture and back strength. Again with these, start small and increase over time. For maximum full-body effectiveness: brace your core, squeeze your glutes, and push the ground away from you.

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