10 Genius Easter Activities to Do With Your Family

10 Genius Easter Activities to Do With Your Family

It’s never too late to start new traditions.

Spring is in the air and Easter is on its way. The time of the year where we celebrate new life, renewal, and the best part—warmer temperatures. Whether you have a big family, are spending the holiday with friends, or just coupled up, we have a list of genius activities that are guaranteed to turn into fun family traditions. We think it’s the perfect holiday to defrost, get some fresh air, and have a hopping good time. Check out these fun activities to start new traditions and make this Easter, the best one yet.

1. Easter Egg Bingo

Have a bunch of those colorful plastic eggs you’re not sure what else to do with? Instead of filling all of them with the typical candies, and jellybeans, make a fun, family game out of them where prizes can be won and competition runs high. Just print out a bingo card, mix and match different color tops and bottoms of the plastic eggs, and use the combos to come up with unique bingo boards. Get fun prizes for kids like toys, stuffed animals, and gift cards. Have fun!


2. Easter Dessert Exchange

You’ve heard of Christmas Cookie exchanges, let’s keep that tradition strong with a springy twist. Whether you’re hosting an Easter brunch or just attending one, this idea will get everyone involved no matter what age. Plus, this means even more sweet treats to go around. Just bring your favorite spring-themed recipe to share with the group, along with copies of the recipe, so guests get to leave with their very own Easter-themed cookbook. There’s plenty of unique and delicious spring-time recipes out there. This is your chance to really get creative and show your personality. Carrot cake, anyone?


3. Easter Relay Day

We’re celebrating the return of warmer weather, so let’s get outside and get active. Spend the day as the host of an Easter-relay race complete with prizes and plenty of playful competition. We have some ideas to get your wheels turning: Bunny Hop Sack Race, Egg Toss, Egg and Spoon Race, Giant Jenga, Rabbit Ear Ring Toss, Water Balloon Version of Egg Toss, Pin the Tail on the Bunny, Piñata. If you have kids, this will tire them out to be in bed nice and early. If you don’t have kids, turn this little relay day into drinking games and you have yourself a hit.


4. Adults-Only Easter Cocktail Off

Adults need some Easter fun, too. While the kids are outside hunting for eggs, this is your chance to show off your mixologist skills. The key to this game is to buy your favorite liquor, your favorite mixers, and your favorite garnishes. The rule is: everyone must make a unique drink out of only what is offered. Then, you all vote on who made the most creative and tasty cocktail.


5. Easter Craft Party

Crafts are an Easter staple! Crafting together is such a fun bonding experience and mixes up your day with a lot of creativity and collaboration. There are plenty of ideas and tutorials online for Easter-themed craft activities. To make it more interactive and fun, set up a designated table with all your supplies, let everyone pick and choose what they want and at the end, do a little show and tell or a mini gallery exhibit so everyone can admire each other’s work.


6. Easter Outfit Themes

Whether you’re hosting a brunch, or just attending, it can become a fun tradition to create a new outfit theme, color, or dress-code each year. Maybe this year the theme is big hats. Or maybe the theme is an all-white getup. Or maybe even matching PJs. Whatever you choose, it’s fun to get in on the challenge, and maybe even turn it into a contest for who followed the theme best. Plus, you’ll all look pretty badass in your Easter photos.


7. Cupcake Decorating

A classic that really never gets old. Bake your favorite cupcakes ahead of time. Set up fun decorations like jelly beans, colorful frosting, fondant, and whatever else your heart desires. Everyone gets a chance to be a star-baker and decorate their portion of the cupcakes to their liking. Go ahead and make it a competition and see who really has the best decorating skills in your family.


8. DIY Polaroid Photoshoot

We’ve all seen those vintage Easter photoshoots that your family probably had taken at the mall. Everyone is wearing fluffy dresses, and maybe even a scary Easter bunny is in attendance. We have a way to make memories last, but in a more trendy way than the typical Easter photo shoot. Get some props like dried pampas grass, flowers, baskets, and eggs. Maybe even make some flower crowns, or dress all in the same color. Find a polaroid camera and get snapping. The fun part is, everyone can take home a polaroid photo to remember forever, and it is way more tangible than just keeping photos on your phone.


9. Easter Baskets

Another classic that you can make your own personal twist on. Our favorite way to make Easter baskets a bit more fun is to mimic the classic “secret Santa” setup. Where you choose one person, have a budget, and create a basket just for them. Another fun way to do Easter baskets is to hide them and have everyone go on a little morning hunt.


10. Egg Hunt—With a Twist

What is Easter without an egg hunt? It really brings out the Hunger Games in all of us and is such a classic tradition. We found a really fun way to make your egg hunt unlike any other. Get some mini glow sticks to put inside of the plastic eggs. Hide them around your yard. Wait until the sun goes down for the most epic egg hunt in all the land.

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