Celebrating Earth—Tips for the Everyday Man to go More Green

Celebrating Earth—Tips for the Everyday Man to go More Green

10 Tips to Easily Infuse in Your Day-to-Day


Happy Earth Week, friends! Earth Day is April 22nd, while, we believe Earth Day should be observed every day, Earth Day is a day she is truly celebrated for all her glory. Mother Earth offers us so many beautiful things that make life more full, more lively. The world is filled with incredible beauty, and it’s part of our responsibility to protect it to be enjoyed for generations to come. We created this handy list for you to make small differences in your everyday life that will greatly impact the health of this beautiful planet we call home. Let’s celebrate Earth Day the right way, and make it a habit.


1. Start Composting


Did you know that those fruit and veggie scraps you toss in the trash get stuck in landfills without any oxygen, causing them to decay into methane gas which is actually more potent than carbon monoxide? Not to freak you out of anything, but we can actually do our part to reduce this issue. Start a compost pile in your yard or even a compost bin in your home or apartment. Look to your local environmental chapter within your town or city. They often have programs that offer compost bins and tips to get started. If not, the internet is your best friend. Research the one that will work for you since there are several ways to get started with composting. Not only will you reduce harmful gases that are bad for the environment, but you can make rich soil to use for your garden out of the compost you create.


2. Get That Metal Straw


This isn’t just an “aesthetic” Instagrammers use for more likes. Metal, glass, and bamboo straws are one small way to reduce your carbon footprint in a big way. And while you’re at it, maybe pick up a set of reusable cutlery to keep plastic use at bay. Plastic is a huge no-no. It takes over our landfills and oceans and can take up to 20 or more years to break down. With restaurants offering to-go options now more than ever, it’s really important we try and do our part to reduce single-use plastic. You can find a cutlery set including a straw on Amazon for $10.99. Another quick tip: when ordering to-go food, ask them to limit the containers used, and nix the cutlery. Look at you go, you environmental warrior.


3. Lower Your Meat Intake


Yes, you read that right. We get it if you don’t want to go full-on vegan. We love our cheese and meat as much as the next guy. But simply limiting the amount you eat can do absolute wonders for your arteries and surprisingly, the environment. If you reduce your red meat intake, you could help curb Climate Change. Look at the power you hold. According to a recent study by the Journal of Scientific Reports, if everyone lowered their meat consumption by a quarter, we could lower greenhouse emission gases by 82 million metric tons. Scared of reducing meat? There are tons of alternatives like chickpeas, beans, tofu, potatoes, with plenty of amazingly tasty recipes to help you get more creative in the kitchen. Start small, like doing a Meatless Monday, and you’re on your way.


4. Unplug


This one is almost too easy to even consider adding to this list. But let’s do it. If your electronic devices are plugged in when not in use, they’re still using a negligible amount of power each day. So not only will this save your monthly bill, it’ll greatly reduce the amount of CO2 pumping into our atmosphere. Americans alone add about 44 million tons of CO2 to the atmosphere each year from leaving their devices plugged in. Save money while saving the Earth.


5. Delete Your Emails—No, Seriously


If you’re like us, you might hoard emails just because you think you’ll need them one day. But, hate to break it to ya, you probably won’t need that email from your friend Zach detailing the itinerary for your May 2017 bachelor trip. It’s time to let it go. Not only for space on your computer but also for Mother Earth. Yep, deleting emails also actually reduces unwanted carbon emissions. Emails, tweets, Google searches are all powered by data centers that house hundreds of servers and burn fossil fuels. If we all took two minutes and deleted 10 emails, we could actually reduce CO2 by 39,000 metric tons. Let’s go Marie Kondo our emails, the Earth will thank you.


6. Eat Local. Shop Local.  


This does more than just help your community thrive, there are also huge environmental implications to the food we eat and what we buy. “Food miles” is a term used to describe how many miles it will take for food to travel from farm to table. As you can imagine, the further the food travels, the more fossil fuels used, and the more emissions produced. By supporting local farmers, bakers, and chefs, you are reducing your carbon footprint. Check out a local farmer’s market. Not only is it a great place to meet people, but the food is fresh, local, and incredibly well-priced. By eating locally, you’re keeping local farmlands up and running, and avoiding the idea that all food should be commercialized. Plus it’s just really tasty.


7. Mindful Recycling


Admit it, you’ve tossed a can of tomato sauce with the sauce still in it into the recycling bin before. Maybe it was out of ignorance, or just being kinda lazy. We get it. But let’s all work to change that mindset. Recycling actually matters, and so does what you toss into the bin. Paper materials, glass, metal, all can be recycled properly. We recommend looking at your town’s website to see what items can go into what bin. Another tip: recycle your batteries and unused electronic equipment. There are plenty of non-for-profit local places that accept your waste and dispose of them properly. Google is your BFF in this situation. Also, make sure you wash your glass before tossing it. One wrong move can mess up an entire bin’s ability to be recycled properly. Or, just reuse your glass, and cans for an entirely new purpose. Storing food, drinking glasses, or a place to propagate your plants all work.


8. Trash Clean Up


Now, this doesn’t need to be a huge ordeal. You don’t need to go organize an entire day of trash clean-up complete with matching t-shirts. That would be cool, but don’t feel pressured. What we’re saying is, first of all, be mindful of the trash you produce and where you toss it. Never litter—it’s just gross. Second, if you see litter on the ground, use a tissue and pick it up to throw it in the trash. This is especially true if you’re camping, hiking, at the beach, or anywhere that can easily be disturbed by litter. Let’s keep our planet beautiful. Plus, when people see you doing this, they’ll genuinely be impressed, and you might just inspire a whole group of people to be as thoughtful as you are.


9. Eco-Friendly Products


Let’s all vow to use more sustainable measures of buying items. Especially cleaning and grooming products. Oftentimes, these products are made with harsh chemicals that impact the health of the air and use non-recyclable plastic that can’t be refilled. There are plenty of non-toxic versions of cleaning products out there, or you can scour the internet to find recipes to make your own. This keeps us healthy, creative, and obviously keeps Mother Earth cleaner.


10. Teach Future Generations


This one is so easy. If you have kids, or nieces or nephews, the simplest things go a long way. Show them the importance of taking care of the Earth by following the above tips and more. Be a good role model for future generations who have the power to help control Climate Change and the state of our planet. It’s our only home. Our lives, our children’s lives, their children’s children’s lives depend on it.

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