Are You a Groomsman? Bucket List These 7 Hilarious Prank Ideas

Are You a Groomsman? Bucket List These 7 Hilarious Prank Ideas

Everyone loves a good wedding prank. Well, most do. For whatever reason, it always seems like the groom gets the brunt of the pranks, and that’s okay. Are you set to be in a wedding for one of your buds and looking for some great prank ideas you can execute on the big day? We’ve got you covered. Below are seven best man and/or groomsmen pranks that are relatively easy to pull off and sure to cause plenty of laughs. And none of them go too far—as long as they’re performed as intended.

Just remember not to do anything that may actually cause a problem that day; for the groom or the bride. It’s a pretty important day, after all. (The goal is to create laughs, not chaos, pandemonium, or major hassles!)


1. “Dude, You’re Late!”

A true classic. This one might cause a pretty big panic for a moment, but the relief that comes after will make it all okay. If you’re staying with the groom the night before the wedding, or if the groom plans on catching a quick nap before the wedding (this happens more than you think), go into his phone settings after he falls asleep and change the time zone to something a few hours ahead of your actual time zone.



Make a note of his actual planned wake time as well. Turn his alarms off and wake him up at that same time, but be frantic and yell that he’s several hours late. He’ll check his phone (or nearby alarm clock) to confirm before rightfully freaking out. At that point, fill him in that he’s totally fine.


2. Embarrassing (or Fake) Story During the Reception Speech

Telling an unflattering story about the groom during the reception speeches is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and it all depends on the actual story and delivery. You really have a lot of leeway here, but of course, don’t cross any lines or make things weird.



If you really want to push the envelope, make up an absolutely fake (and insane) story about something the groom did when he was blackout drunk, and then spell it all out in full detail during the speech. Eventually, the groom will begin to wonder what in the world you’re talking about. How bad it gets is up to you, but be sure to let everyone know you’re kidding just when things get really bad. This may take some planning, but the payoff will be worth it.


3. Crash the First Look Photos

This one has become a sort of a recent phenomenon as of late, but it’s still one of the best. For those unfamiliar with “first look” photos, here’s how they work: Prior to the wedding, once everyone has gotten dressed and had makeup done and all that, the groom goes to a predetermined area and stands with his back to where the bride will appear, where he will then turn around to see her in her dress for the first time. Naturally, this is a highly photogenic moment. However, rather than the bride, it’s actually the best man in a dress (or even a cheap wedding dress if you can find one). The groom will obviously be quite surprised. To smooth it over, follow this up with the real first look once everything has calmed down. Of course, you’ll need the bride and photographer’s cooperation beforehand.


4. Fake Wedding Ring

Handing the groom a fake wedding ring (or pretending you lost it) during the ceremony is definitely a bit overdone, but there are some ways to completely rethink it.



For instance, consider ordering some ugly, gaudy, cheap, obviously fake ring online and casually hand it to the groom during the ceremony and act like you don’t notice anything wrong. You could even get a ring from a vending machine (do they still do that?) or go with the classic candy ring, like a Ring Pop.


5. Wrong Tux

This is some good, clean fun. It’s typically the best man’s responsibility to bring the tuxes or suits to the wedding location on the big day. Prior to the wedding, arrange with the tailor to provide you with a suit or tux that is either way too small or way too big for the groom. Bring the garments to him to put on, and then watch as he quickly realizes something’s wrong. This works much better if all the groomsmen have gotten dressed first so that he knows it’s not someone else’s. Once he’s done losing his mind, give him the real suit or tux. Probably sooner than later.


6. Mess with the Getaway Car

It seems like the concept of pranking the getaway car is as old as weddings themselves, but the key is to use your imagination a little more. For instance, rather than writing funny stuff on the windows, wrap the entire car in saran wrap. Or gift wrap. Or aluminum foil if you really want to stand out. Remember to not take things too far, and also remember to help get it off the car and disposed of properly. Placing confetti in the air vents is a good (and festive) surprise as well, but again, don’t put too much in, and don’t potentially damage anything. Come on.


7. Mess with His Social Media

This one’s easy. On the wedding day, try to get ahold of the groom’s phone and open a social media app, such as Facebook or Instagram. Tag yourself (himself) at the nearest major airport—include a picture of the airport you’ve found online from someone’s social media if possible—and make a post about “needing to get out of here” and insinuate that you can’t go through with the wedding. Return the phone near to the groom. Leave it up for a few minutes and wait for the texts and notifications to come rolling in. If you want to make things a little less potentially awkward or weird, make it obvious in the post that it’s a joke; otherwise, you may have a very pissed-off bride on the other line within minutes.

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