25 Thoughtful Gifts for your Wife or Girlfriend for Xmas

25 Thoughtful Gifts for your Wife or Girlfriend for Xmas

It’s the holiday season, and you know what that means. Now's the time to buy your wife or girlfriend those presents that show them just how much you love them. We know that the best way to show our appreciation isn’t through gifts. Nothing can replace support, love, and gratitude, but a present can showcase your feelings. However, it can be a challenge figuring out what to get your significant other during the best gift-giving season of the year.

Luckily there’s a gift to suit every budget, so you’re sure to find the one you love something special to gift them on Christmas day. After some serious thought and research, we have put together a list of some of the best Xmas gifts. From exquisite jewelry to high-tech appliances and monthly subscriptions, this list will give you some great Christmas gift ideas of what to get for that someone special in your life.

1. Smart Garden 3 Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden

The smart garden 3 is perfect for those wanting to branch out into innovative electronic gardening. This is available on Amazon for $99.95

2. Polaroid OneStep+ Instant Film Camera

Christmas is a time for memories, so why not purchase your loved one a polaroid instant camera to capture every moment this holiday season.This camera is available on Amazon for $139.99


3. Bluetooth Crosley Tourmaline Record Player 

Streaming Christmas music or listening to her favorite classic vinyl will be a breeze with this entry-level record player that doubles as a cool decor item. You can purchase this gift from Urban Outfitters for the low price of $69.00.


4. Rosegold Virgil Square Metal Watch

If she’s an accessory queen, then this gorgeous vintage-inspired 18k plated rose gold watch by Bespoke will ensure she’s never late again. The Virgil rosegold watch is available from Bespoke for $145.


5. Camila Cashmere Travel Gift Set

Should she be a fashionista, always on the move and traveling from one place to the next, this elegant and sophisticated cashmere travel set would be perfect. At $450, you know it will be a quality comfort item she’s likely to treasure for years to come.


6. The Silver Swag Subscription Box


 If you can’t decide on one item to get her, why not get her a gift that keeps on giving with this homey monthly subscription box. With a range of novelty items, the December box is filled with Christmas themed goods. You can sign up and expect to pay $39.99 a month.


7. llona Diamond Ring

Are you thinking of popping the question? Well, there might not be a better time to do it than this festive season. The gorgeous Ilona designer 0.5-carat diamond, 14-carat gold band is selling for only $5890.


8. Nordstrom Self Cleaning Water Bottle 


Staying hydrated is essential, but so is her safety. The Nordstrom self-cleaning UVC water bottle is not only stylish but also hygienic with its purifying UV light. Show her how much you deeply care for her by purchasing this water bottle from Nordstrom at the low price of $76.


9. Sound Wave Song Art


Is there a song or significant moment in your relationship with a special meaning for both of you? Why not get a custom sound art canvas made and transform the sound into a work of art. For only $49.95, you can get her this unique canvas and gift it to her on Christmas day.


10. The Start Of Us Personalized Framed Poster


As far as meaningful gifts go, the start of us canvas is a perfect way to symbolize the love you have for her. The poster charts the stars’ astrological positions on the night you met. You can buy this affordable gift for $24.99 and have her smiling big on Christmas day.


11. Vahdam Tea Gift Set


If she is a lover of all things tea, then this exotic Indian tea gift set is sure to impress her. Not only is this gift ethical and cruelty-free, but it comes with forty different tea blends. You can buy the entire set for $83.99.


12. Anti Aging Slip Silk Pillowcase


Made with the finest grade mulberry silk, this luxurious slip silk pillowcase is guaranteed to give her countless nights of beauty sleep. Best of all, this pillowcase is also hypoallergenic. At $110, this is quality that’s sure to last.


13. Rest And Relaxation Gift Set


Christmas can be a tiring time, so why not get this rest and relaxation kit for her. You can pamper her with this range of exclusive luxury; wellness treats for only $175.


14. Vigorfun Delux Art Set  


Should she be artistically inclined, then this complete art set would be a perfect Christmas gift. With more than 100 items, she will be entertained for hours. Amazon is selling it for $53.99, so hurry while stocks last.


15. Wooden Swivel Bath Tray 


Bathtime is her time, and an elegant swivel bath tray is perfect for her to place her glass of wine while she relaxes after a long day. This bamboo swivel table is selling for $50.


16. The Tiffany & Co Love For Her Eau De Parfum  


Perfume is a timeless gift perfect for a classy and sophisticated woman. Show her you love her with this floral woody scented perfume from Tiffany & Co. This renowned perfume is only $105.


17. Urban Decay Honey Eyeshadow Palette


Makeup enthusiasts will love this honey themed eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay. Featuring a variety of colors, she will be able to create a multitude of different looks. At Sephora, you can pick this up for a cool $49.


18. Personalized Book Of Love 


Document your unique love story with this personalized book of love that will be sure to show her just how special she is. For only $40, this personalized book is guaranteed to get your feelings across this festive season.


19. Smart WiFi Wireless Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser 


This innovative smart WIFI aromatherapy essential oil diffuser will have her feeling at ease in her home. After all, essential oils are known for their healing properties. Control this diffuser easily from your smartphone for a low price of $46.95.


20. Gucci Leopard Print Sunglasses


Nothing screams high class better than a pair of Gucci sunglasses. She’s sure to appreciate this thoughtful Christmas stocking gift. It might be pricey at $390, but she’s definitely worth it.


21. Fenty Beauty Skin Bundle


Should she be a Rhianna lover, there’s no doubt that this Fenty skincare product is something that she’s been wanting for a while. You will want to buy this reasonably priced popular product quickly while it’s only $40 as it’s sure to sell out fast during this festive season.


22. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook  


If she’s a potter verse fan, this is a must-have Christmas gift that she will love you for. Her geeky heart will go wild for some of the harry potter themed recipes written in this cookbook. You can purchase it as a hardcover for $6.19.


23. Sparkling Rose’ Wine Making Kit


Did someone say wine o clock? Every day is wine day, and this ingenious winemaking set will ensure it. Let her experiment with making her own sparkling rose’ and who knows, you might actually enjoy it. At $70, she can make a wine worth boasting about.


24. Organic Bath Bomb DIY Kit  


Is she someone who loves to get her hands dirty making her own DIY creations? This DIY bath bomb set that includes essential oils and other organic materials could be the perfect Christmas gift for her. At $25, it’s definitely a DIY bargain.


25. Nisolo Heeled Chelsea Boots 


Fashion-forward, these Chelsea boots will have her making a statement during a night out on the town. Comfortable and fashionable these boots will go with many of her outfits. Get them now while they are on special for $207 this holiday season.

During this gift-giving season, there are many amazing gifts on offer that you can purchase for your wife or girlfriend. With this list as a reference, you’re well on your way to making her happy on Christmas day.

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