12 of the Best New Years Resolutions Ideas and How to Achieve Them

12 of the Best New Years Resolutions Ideas and How to Achieve Them

As we’ve entered the New Year, many of us are at a loss to what we should aim to achieve for 2021. Besides the generic New Year resolutions, we often set our sites on there are plenty of resolution fish in the sea. Resolutions can be a useful tool to have in our arsenal and help us achieve greatness in the year that lies ahead. 

Statistically, roughly 80% of people of people who make resolutions going into a new year will not stick to their ambitions. This means that almost half of people who set out to achieve something new fail to do so. We don’t want to be in a group of people who don’t achieve what they set out to do. Luckily for us, there are many resolutions we can set and easily reach in 2021. We’re going to look at 12 of the best resolution ideas and how we can achieve them.


1) Try A New Activity Every Month

One way to really brighten up your life is to engage in a new activity each month. Not only will you be happier trying new things, but if you try these activities with other people, you will strengthen your relationships. Consider creating a monthly to-do list to keep track of all the new activities you would like to try throughout the year. Some of the best activities include attending a cooking class, trying out a new gym membership, or signing up for a book club.


2) Equip Yourself With Better Budgeting Skills

Budgeting is a dreaded chore for many of us. Deciding on a New Year’s resolution to equip yourself with better budgeting skills will help you in the long run. Set realistic budget goals, watch virtual budgeting classes, and read up on the best budgeting tips to teach yourself how to budget better. You will likely be astonished at how much you will save should you reinvent how you spend your hard-earned money.


3) Educate Yourself On New And Interesting Topics

Educating yourself on new and exciting topics will not only broaden your life experience and gain you new skills but might even grant you future possibilities. Set a simple goal of learning a new word each day, starting up studies, or if you're feeling ambitious, why not attempt to learn a new language. Suppose you have always wanted to learn to draw, why not try taking a free online drawing class. While if you have always had a burning desire to learn how to code, why not sign up for a coding course As they say, knowledge is power, and the more you know, the greater the likelihood you have of succeeding at what you set out to do this year.


4) Cut Down On Screen Time

Recent studies have been demonstrating how screen time is negatively affecting cognitive functioning. Staring at screens frequently, surprisingly, places immense pressure on our mental health. It's been proven that those who spend less time on their phones and watching television are actually happier, healthier, and less stressed daily. It might be time to start implementing timed screen times for not only you but your family too. Begin slowly by reducing your time spent on social media, Youtube, and other viewing activities by an hour or three and gradually increase the time to cut out.


5) Limit Your Alcohol Intake

The mindset of needing to drink to have fun should be left in the past. Men receive an increased dopamine release compared to women, making men more likely to form bad habits. Although drinking can make social events more bearable or enjoyable, we can have fun without alcoholic beverages. Cutting back on alcohol is proven to improve a person’s mood, health, and will even have you looking younger. Set a goal to cut back on how much you drink and when you drink by being conscious of what you consume. Everything’s easier when a burden is shared, so why not get your friends in on the sober train.


6) Eat Healthier

One of the most desired goals that we set is to eat healthier in the New Year. Many of us will start strong but fall along the wayside as the stress in our daily lives increases. Sticking to a healthy diet has an immensely positive influence on our lives. Not only will we see ourselves losing that holiday weight, but we will also experience more happiness. Fortunately, there are many ways to make sure we eat healthier, from fitness apps and food journals to meal prepping. However, if you find that you don’t have the time to commit to a 100 percent clean eating routine, there are other ways you can embark on your healthy eating journey. Try to replace unhealthy snacks with veggies and hummus, start drinking unsweetened tea and drink plenty of water. Making these simple changes will get you ready to commit to eating healthier later on. 


7) Be Proactive About Doctors Visits

Visiting the doctor regularly is a frightening endeavor for many people but going for regular doctor’s checkups is necessary. It’s the year to get out of the thought process where you convince yourself to stay away from the doctor until your condition has worsened. On the other hand, even if you feel healthy, you could have an underlying health concern you are unaware of. And remember, virtual doctors, are easier to access now. Make this the year you book a visit without canceling, or better yet, book your appointments in advance.


8) Start 10 Minute Exercise Routines

If you want to make this the year you finally achieve your weight loss goals, you don’t have to start aggressively. Many of us will start a full-throttle workout routine, and as our attention wanes and we get busy, we lose interest. One of the best exercise routines we can do to stick to an exercise routine effectively is participating in 10-minute workouts. The best thing is this often won’t require you taking out time to attend a gym class as you can watch Youtube tutorial workouts in the comfort of your home.


9) Take More Vacations

We shouldn’t spend all our time working. It’s essential to have a balanced work and life ratio. In the New Year, we should strive to take more vacation time to be amongst friends and family. Taking frequent small vacations is proven to decrease your chances of experiencing burnout. Holidays also help increase mental well being and help combat health symptoms like high blood pressure associated with stress. Consult your work schedule and keep on top of the vacation days you have available, and plan your trip away in advance, so you have less chance of canceling. Need help getting started? You’ll find a trip worth your while in Men’s Health 25 Transformative Trips or scrolling through the best Airbnbs on Instagram. 


10) Learn To Manage How You Feel

As human beings, many of us wrestle with a vast array of emotions daily. Some of us can handle our emotions better than others. Regardless it’s vital to learn how to identify and manage what we feel to be the best versions of ourselves. Without adequately managing our emotions, we can get into troubling situations through bad decisions. We can also cause irreparable damage to our relationships. Creating a resolution to seek therapy,  undertake meditation, or to improve your communication with others will undoubtedly benefit you and the lives of those around you.


11) Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Full Blown Career

Side hustles are progressively becoming the way of the future. More of us are turning towards freelance gigs and opting out of traditional desk jobs. If you have been running your own business on the side, this is the year to put your energy into developing your side hustle into your full-time career. Often a side hustle can become a lucrative business venture. So why not fully invest your time and money into something that has the potential to not only be successful but also make you happy.


12) Cut Out Procrastination From Your Life

Perhaps the best New Years’ resolution you can have is to  eliminate procrastination from your daily life. Procrastinating prevents you from achieving all the goals you have set out. Actively note when you are feeling demotivated or when you feel like postponing things. Evaluate why you feel this way, and if you have a valid reason other than being lazy. By cutting out the time you spend procrastinating, you will likely be pleasantly surprised by by how much more you get done and how much better your work ethic improves. 

New year's resolutions are an important commitment. If you haven’t made any yet, you can now as you can decide to improve your life at any time in the year. The quicker you conclude what you want to achieve, the sooner you can set out to achieve your goals. Remember not to inundate yourself with changes. Begin slowly by choosing one off the list we gave above until you're confident enough to begin another. Make 2021 a year of change and happiness.

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