10 Tips On Beating Your Hangover This New Years

10 Tips On Beating Your Hangover This New Years

Many of us will find ourselves left hanging after the New Year, and by hanging, we don’t mean socializing with friends; we actually mean hungover. A hangover is a strong likelihood for any of us indulging in a few drinks this New Years’ Eve as we usher in what we hope will be a prosperous 2021. It’s sure been a year for the history books, and as we prepare to leave 2020 in the past, most of us will be imbibing in some liquid happiness with friends and family. 

Our momentary happiness associated with a few drinks may leave us hungover and questioning our life decisions. Hangovers aren’t fun, but luckily there are a few tips to help us beat a hangover this New Year. We have put together this list to help you beat the hangover blues so that you can start 2021 properly. 


1. The Hangover Club IV Drip Electrolyte Infusion


Who would have thought that to get over a hangover, we could simply hook ourselves up to an IV drip bag and give our body back all the nutrients we partied out the night before. On New Year’s day, why not consider an IV infusion in the comfort of your own home or at one of the drip centers offered by Hangover Club. What’s great about the Hangover Club’s service is that you can choose the drip bag concoction you want and get quickly hooked up and on your way to a full hangover recovery in no time. Choose between a dip with the works from electrolytes, pain medications, nausea medications, and immunity vitamins to a simple drip bag alternative just for a mild hangover. For only $120 at an onsite lounge, you can beat your hangover.


2. Health-Ade Kombucha Tea


Throughout the US, Tea lovers are sure to rejoice when they learn of this delicious kombucha hangover cure by Health-Ade. Often after New Years ’Eve, we will crave something sweet, and most generic options will have us feeling slightly nauseous. This is where Kombucha tea comes in, as the sweet sparkling tea will put probiotics back into your body as well as healthy acids to help quell that queasy stomach. Not only will this sweet tea fill that craving, but it will also have you feeling refreshed and much better following your night of fun. Currently, it’s only $48.00 for a 12 pack.


3. Bae Juice Korean Pear Juice


100% Korean pear juice has been shown to help cure a hangover’s effects for many people over the years. This pear juice will help your speed up your hangover recovery time this New Years’ by accelerating the rate at which your body metabolizes alcohol due to the enzymes found in pears.  Usually, you would need to acquire all the ingredients and make it from scratch, but now you can buy Korean pear juice easily and at an affordable price of $45.99 from Bae Juice. Why not purchase a few of these on the go juices to aid you this New Years.


4. 10 Minute Exercise Walking Routine


Possibly the most common mistake many make is to think a heavy workout routine will help beat a hangover. The more your body sweats, the more dehydrated you feel. This doesn’t mean you can’t exercise; in fact, exercising can be extremely therapeutic and help you when you’re hungover as long as you don’t overtax yourself. Many fitness coaches recommend a slow and steady 10-minute cardio walk workout to improve your circulation after a few drinks this New Years’ Eve. Best of all, this method to cure your hangover is entirely free.


5. Flyby Hangover Recovery Pills

It’s crucial to replace all the nutrients you lost from the night of partying. New years day is often spent recovering, and taking a multivitamin will aid you in a speedy recovery. Flyby recovery tablets are ideal for helping alleviate those symptoms you suffer the day after New Year’s Eve. These capsules are produced in the US with natural, high-quality ingredients and backed by science. You can get them on Amazon for $34.99 for a package of 90 tablets. 


6. Hydra Surge Electrolyte Powder

Was your New Year resolution to start the year off at the gym, but now you're too hungover to start the journey? Don’t worry, as fortunately there is Hydra Surge electrolyte powder to save the day. This product only costs $19.99 on amazon and will rehydrate your body and get your energy levels up to start pumping iron at the gym. The solution will also aid in stamina and muscle recovery so you can genuinely beat that hangover while ticking your first 2021 goal off your list. 


7. Drinkwell Multivitamin

Specifically formulated as a multivitamin for drinkers, the Drinkwell multivitamin is designed to replenish the nutrients you’ve lost after a day of drinking. Not only does it replenish the nutrients, but it also supports liver health, and it helps process any toxins that you ingested. Why not purchase this beforehand as part of your drinking responsibly plan for New Years’ 2021. Available for $39.99 


8. Cheers Restore Capsules



The Cheers restore capsule supplement is specifically created by a team of Ph.D. holders to help you feel better when you’re hungover. The capsules will reduce GABA rebound, increase acetaldehyde metabolism, and replace lost vitamins. Ultimately all you will need to do is take 2 to 4 capsules after your last alcoholic beverage, and you should beat or curb your New Years’ hangover. You can buy this supplement from Amazon for $34.45.


9. Crispy Pig Whiskey Bloody Mary Hangover Drink


Sometimes the best solution to involve beating a New Years’ hangover is to have another drink. The Crispy Pig Whiskey Bloody Mary is made with real tomatoes, savory spice, sweet maple, a dash of heat, and smokey whisky. An edgy twist on the classic bloody mary, this drink is sure to revitalize you after your New Years’ Eve shenanigans. You can purchase an 8 pack of the 10% alcoholic beverages for only $29.99 from the Crispy Pig website.


10. The Sick Kit Hangover Edition


Nothings easier than having an entire hangover sick kit to help beat the hangover blues this New Year. For $34.95, you can get a complete kit off amazon with everything you could need to cure your hangover. From snacks, Gatorade, Campbell’s chicken soup, stomach relief ice drops, and Pepto Bismol, there’s something for every ailment you could be suffering from. With this kit, you will be feeling back to normal in no time.

Now you know a few of the best tips to help you beat a hangover this upcoming New Years’ day. Armed with these hangover cures and solutions, you are sure to start your 2021 off with a bang without fearing the consequences too much.

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