10 Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

10 Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

Trying to think of romantic date ideas for her? Unfortunately, our world as we knew it drastically changed in 2020 with the Coronavirus pandemic’s start making this task a bit more complicated. It’s now a year later, and COVID-19 is still a reality, with many of us having to make continuous changes to our daily lives and how we go about doing ordinary activities. Arguably, couples have been the most affected, with date nights becoming a tricky endeavor. Understandably you can have a date night only so often involving snacks and watching a movie while staying in before it becomes too boring.

Fortunately, we have thought of ten romantic date ideas for her that are pandemic friendly. You might have had to postpone all your adventurous ideas and go to romantic ideas, which is why we have brought to your attention a fresh perspective on romance. Date nights keep the romance thriving, and during a pandemic, people are seeking a real connection in these uncertain times. That’s why we’re going to look into ten romantic date ideas that you can easily initiate for Valentine’s day or any other date day while still following the COVID-19 restrictions.


1. Craft Your Own Beer With a Craft Beer in a Bag Kit

Why not create your own craft beer tasting date in the comfort of your living room? Not only will it be a superb bonding experience, but it is also a creative idea she is bound to enjoy. Homebrewing kits aren’t hard to come by, and you can have it set up in no time, especially the Muntons kit as it comes without the hassle of setting up pesky equipment items. Muntons is affordable at $29.99 and offers various craft beer flavors such as pale ale, golden ale, and dark ale. Trust us, your taste buds will definitely be thanking you, and your date will likely be a success.


2. Set Up a Couple's Poker Evening

Gaming activities are always an excellent go-to date day choice. You can set up an entire day dedicated to enjoying the thrills of competing against one another in poker matches. For this date, all you need is a poker set, which you can buy from Amazon. The Tocebe 200 piece kit is only $36.98, which is a bargain for the hours of fun you will have. A poker date night will not only be a fun-filled evening, but it will also enlighten you on your partner’s traits and characteristics. Set up the poker set with a bottle of wine, and enjoy your evening of conversation.


3. An Outdoor Movie Night

Traditional indoor movie nights just aren't cutting it anymore, which is why you need to invoke some creativity and embrace this outdoor movie night idea. An outdoor movie night date can be arranged easily and quickly. Most of the items you require you will likely have already, making this date inexpensive if not wholly free. Grab your air mattress or foam mattress, some blankets and pillows, your laptop, and set up a cozy romantic outdoor movie evening under the stars. If you want to take it one tasty step further, you can buy a movie night care package from Amazon for only $42.99.


4. Plan a Creative Artistic Painting Date

If your significant other loves painting and artistic activities, she will love the idea of a date day spent painting. The easiest option is often the most fun, so why not decide on a romantic painting idea and challenge each other to paint it. In the end, you can compare your paintings to each other. Who knows, you may even discover a deeply hidden artistic talent. The company Painting To Gogh offers romantic painting kits delivered to your door with the option of choosing a diptych painting, and each kit costs $90. Once each partner completes their paintings, they can place them together to form a single landscape. Best of all, each kit from the company comes with an easy-to-use tutorial video and all the painting essentials you will need.


5. Friendly Cooking Competition

If you have always wanted to try a cooking class with your partner, now is the perfect time to sign up for one. Udemy offers several different cooking classes that you and your wife or girlfriend could participate in together. These courses are often inexpensive and will only set you back roughly $20 or less. If you would like to go a different route, you and your partner can genuinely embrace the virtual experience by picking a recipe you both like and challenging each other to cook it while you FaceTime. You can have your ingredients delivered and establish if you both have the necessary equipment beforehand. This is an excellent idea to get to know your partner while also discovering their cooking abilities.


6. Regular Romance Book Club Date

You might not immediately think a romance book club evening is the ideal date, but it can add a touch of romantic spice to your relationship and keep things exciting. Sign up for monthly romance books subscription boxes like the “Let it bee love” book box for only $32 monthly, and you're halfway to a perfect recurring date. To make this idea that much better, you can make a snack board with all her favorite cheeses and crackers and a bottle or two of her favorite wine. Reading romance novels together or aloud to one another is likely to ensure a romantic mood during your date evenings.


7. Cheese Fondue Tasting Evening

Quirky date ideas can be romantic, too, as is the case with an evening spent together with a cheese fondue set. Most people would opt to go the chocolate fondue route but dare to be different, and she will likely be impressed with this twist on the classic romantic fondue date night idea. For this date, you will need to do some planning beforehand and discover what cheese she likes and if she is allergic to anything. If you both happen to be cheese lovers, buying a cheese DuraCeramic fondue pot set from Walmart for $29.99 won’t be a waste of money. Owning a fondue set will ensure plenty of cheesy romantic moments to be made in the future.


8. Participate in an Outdoor Early Morning Hike Together

COVID-19 may be disrupting lives and date night ideas continuously, but that doesn’t mean all outdoor activities are completely taboo. Outdoor hiking can be an incredibly romantic experience with you and your partner getting to know one another while frolicking in nature. There are currently many national parks in the U.S. that you and your date can go and visit for an early morning hike. The pandemic has caused some closures, and operating hours are generally affected, which is why going on a hiking date in the morning is ideal. Depending on if you will visit a national park in another state, you might need to pack a picnic basket. It would also be best if you found out the park fees while planning your hike. Get up early, and hit the road together to make the most of your outdoor date day.


9. Have a Couples Spa Evening at Home

You and your wife or girlfriend likely lead busy lives that don’t leave much room for pampering. That’s why a romantic spa date night together is one of the best ways to reconnect and have fun. You both can enjoy a spa date night together, pampering one another without leaving home or forking out hundreds of dollars. Plan your spa night by putting together a few essential items like face masks, bubble bath, massage oil, fragrant body butter, and comfortable robes. Remember not to forget the relaxing music and the food goodies like chocolates and sparkling champagne. Once you have everything you need, it might be handy to write out a short itinerary to seal the spa experience for your significant other.


10. Have a Virtual Museum Tour Date Night


Indoor dates can be monotonous, with boring conversations and awkward silences. The pandemic also isn’t doing anyone any favors, with the crisis drying up much of the dating scene. Fortunately, Google Arts and Culture has come to the rescue and has organized free virtual museum tours for those couples at home. To spice up the cultural date experience, you can have a bottle of wine prepared and make some finger foods. With a computer or tablet and a stable internet connection, you and your date can take worldly tours of some of the most famous museums in the world. Some of the museums offering virtual tours include  “The National Gallery of Art,” “Van Gogh Museum,” “Musée d’Orsay’ and the “Pergamon Museum.” With the entertainment and food sorted, you and your date can take in the world’s rich history while engaging in avid conversation.

As you have now uncovered, there are many romantic date ideas for her that you can plan and execute fairly easily. Most romantic dates won’t cost you a fortune, and all of the ideas we gave can be done during the COVID-19 crisis. With these options that we have presented now in your arsenal, you’re undoubtedly going to impress your date no matter which one you choose.

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