10 Kitchen Tools Every Man Needs

10 Kitchen Tools Every Man Needs

Being stuck inside for the past year has taught us a lot. One thing we’ve learned is that we order quite a bit of takeout. It can be really fun every once in a while—and supporting local businesses is always a plus, but it can start to get pretty expensive and dare we say, old after a while. We think being home so often these days is the perfect time to step up your kitchen skills and really bring your “a-game.” Maybe you want to surprise your wife, impress someone from Bumble, or even show your mom you mastered her famous Sunday Roast. Either way, we found the tools every man needs to level up his cooking game. Even if you’re not a pro, you’ll feel like one. You got this. 

1. Wusthof Classic 7-Piece Block Knife Set

We’re getting right into it. Now, a whole block set may seem like a splurge, especially if you’ve been using the same, dull, singular knife since college. Trust us on this, a block set will elevate your kitchen to the next level. Plus, these knives are world-renowned for quality. Think of it as an investment. Find these on Wustof’s official website for $349.95.


2. Original MEATER Wireless SmartThermometer

This little tool is what will take your cooking to a master-level. No one wants an overcooked steak or a dry bird, and with this baby, you’ll never have one again. It takes the guesswork out of properly cooking your food. Plus, it connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and monitors your temps for you, so you can focus on your side dishes stress-free. Find this game-changer on Amazon for $69.00.  

3. Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker

Yes, we know cooking rice is about as basic as it comes. But, have you ever been in the middle of making an elaborate meal, and totally forget about your stovetop rice? And, it comes out all crunchy and terrible? Not ideal. This kitchen-companion is perfect for those who meal-prep or those who just like to have rice easily on-hand. Plus, you can set up your rice, and get to cooking the rest of the meal worry-free. Find it on Amazon for $143.99.

4. J.K Adams Meat Lovers Cutting Board

Top chefs will tell you, the key to making the perfect cut of meat (aside from the temp as we mentioned above) is letting it rest after cooking. Welcome the Meat Lovers Cutting Board. It’s not your typical fruit and veggie board. This is the place where you can let your freshly cooked meat rest. Once it’s ready to cut, the grooves allow the juices to collect to keep your counters clean and even make a delicious gravy. Where have you been all our lives? Find it on the J.K. Adams website for $25. 

5. Edgeware Adjustable Electric Knife Sharpener 

So you invested in a quality set of knives, good job. While they will last in your kitchen for years to come, it’s really important to take good care of them and keep them sharp. Did you know it’s actually dull knives that cause the most injuries, not the sharp ones? Any good chef will tell you: get a knife sharpener. So we made it easy and found this adjustable electric one to sharpen both sides of the knife at the same time. Find this on for $199.

6. Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Okay, go ahead and make your inappropriate flatulence jokes. We’re not judging. But in all seriousness, a dutch oven is an absolute need in any kitchen. Make tender short-ribs, rich chilis and soups, or even a whole dang loaf of bread—it’s yours! It just so happens to be non-stick and easy-to-clean, plus it looks badass on your stove. Definitely a piece that will last for years to come. Find it in tons of awesome colors at Nordstrom for $350. 

7. JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker

There’s something about cooking dinner in your kitchen, with a stiff drink in your hand, as your favorite songs fill the air. In this case, your phone simply doesn’t do it justice. A bluetooth speaker should be a constant in your kitchen. This one is affordable, highly-rated, waterproof, and the sound surprisingly has some bite coming from a small package. Do yourself a favor and order one for $89.95 on Amazon. 

8. Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Blender

To really hone your kitchen skills, sometimes you need a gadget that can just do what your hands can't. Forget a whisk—nab this baby, in five fun colors to elevate your kitchen. Blend anything from thick and creamy soups, to milkshakes, or smoothies. It’s highly rated, easy to use, and dishwasher safe. Do yourself a favor, give your arms a break, and find it on Amazon for $79.

9. Oxgord Hand Crank Pasta Machine

Because dried pasta is simply not as good. If we’re being honest, it’s quite lazy. Just kidding and no shade to those boxed pasta lovers out there, but you simply cannot deny the power of fresh-made pasta. It’s almost unexplainable. It melts in your mouth but sticks to your ribs. It’s an experience. And so is making it. So try out this badass pasta machine. Impress basically anyone who comes over and enjoy fresh pasta for life. Psst… this one is only $30 and highly rated on Amazon. 

10. Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

The best for last. If you want to wow anyone and everyone who comes over, this is your guy. Sous Vide used to be reserved for the world’s best chefs, like Michelin level chefs. But with this technology, you can be just as powerful. Cook the most delicious, tender meat of your life, with minimal effort and at an amateur level. Your kitchen is basically Michelin rated now. Put that in your Bumble profile. Find this on Amazon for $125.92

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